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Behind Bridal PartyIt goes without saying that on the wedding day, all eyes are on the bride. And what’s the best accessory to complete her look? A well-dressed squad of course! When it comes to picking out dresses for your bridal party, there are lots of things to consider. What length, what colour, what material – the options are endless!
Barefeet Studio | Snippet & InkHanging DressesOne trend we are seeing a lot of these days is “mismatched” bridesmaid dresses, although don’t be fooled by that name!  The key to pulling off this look is actually a lot of careful consideration into what dresses work together to create a sense of synchronicity without actually matching.  If this is the style you’re going with, give your leading ladies some guidance about what you’re looking for, maybe even a couple of suggestions of specific dresses you know you like. Think beyond just giving them a colour to work with, but more details like length and general style to avoid any issues down the road. You may envision lots of beading, or perhaps even a more retro style; these are all details they need to know in order to make your vision a reality.
Posed Bridal PartyThe mismatched bridesmaid dress look is perfect for anyone who is trying to coordinate long distance with their wedding party. It also helps take some of the awkwardness out of selecting a dress, as your girls can pick something that they feel good in and truly believe they will wear again, as well as something that is within a price range that they feel comfortable with. You also don’t have to stick with strictly bridesmaid dresses – any department store or major dress retailer will have plenty of selection to choose from!
Walking Bridal PartyAre you thinking of doing the mismatched look with your bridal party? We’ve compiled some looks from one of our favourite designers, BHLDN, to help get you inspired!
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