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Bark Texture Ring

Every so often we stumble upon amazing local designers who are so passionate about their work, it would be crazy to not share their artistry. Take Shoshana Farber of Showsh Designs, a Toronto-based artist and goldsmith, whose jewellery line features tactile pieces that are experimental in design and minimalist in aesthetic.

Coloured gemstone rings - group

For our brides and grooms, her unique wedding bands blend organic patterns and textures with clean shapes and contemporary styling.  Shoshana’s design direction is further informed by her promotion of ethically sourced alternatives, such as recycled metals, fair-trade natural gemstones, and laboratory-grown genuine gemstones.  She is one of the few local designers who will offer a variety of sustainable materials for engagement or wedding ring styles.

We especially love her Beloved Bands, the King Solomon rings, as well as the Little Boxes rings. Shoshana is an active member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada and a recipient of the 2010 Ontario Craft Council Award in recognition of excellence in her medium. She sells her work in selected galleries, art shows and exhibitions, including the One of a Kind Show.   She is available for custom design as well.
Reticulated Bands

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    Seems that I have to come back more often than I thought I would to this blog!! I like the kind of style with which you are writing the posts. Really interesting.

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