Sensational Sublimotion

Grand Palladium SublimotionYou can always count on Palladium Hotel Group to be constantly working to re-invent their guest experience. This constant striving for excellence has resulted in a number of innovative concepts throughout the years, and this is no different. In recent months, many of their properties have seen the introduction of experiential dining experiences, which creatively transforms a guest’s meal experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
DJGrand Palladium SublimationSome of the new experiences offered at the various properties, designed to surprise and delight guests, include molecular cocktails, magician and illusionist surprises throughout the course or meal, acrobatic performances, and the list goes on. By far one of the most unique gastronomy experiences offered at any of the Palladium Hotel Group properties can be found at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.
GardenSublimotionSublimotion is a culinary experience created to stimulate the five senses. It is not just a meal, but rather a show designed to transport guests to an entirely different universe. Seamlessly combining haute cuisine and the latest technology, Sublimotion is without a doubt one of the most magically unconventional dining experiences available. Every detail of the 3-hour experience has been to designed to completely immerse guests in the journey they are being led through, from the temperature and humidity which adjusts with each course, to the scents being released in the room. Even with the wait staff there is more than what meets the eye; a team of 27 technicians, musicians and illusionist work in a choreographed manner to create the experience, all while serving what some claim to be a “life-changing” meal.

Palladium Hotel Group has set out to introduce more of these innovative experiences to their properties, and if Sublimotion is any indication of what’s to come we are beyond excited!

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