Romantic Getaway to Jumby Bay

Step into the most luxurious dream when you visit Jumby Bay Island. Located in the West Indies, in Antigua, this remote island is the perfect destination for a luxury honeymoon! Located two miles from Antigua, the island of Jumby Bay is private and untouched by traffic and crowds that plague the main land. You feel miles away from civilization and are able to unwind at one of the world’s most exclusive islands. Gorgeous white sand and turquoise waters await you, and a resort that not only has spacious suites but also a wide variety of activities. You can choose to snorkel the coral reef around the island, have a beach side picnic, tennis club, taught by a pro or enjoy a complimentary activity such as paddle boarding, water skiing, kayaking etc. You can even island hop, making your way around to all of the neighboring islands. Jumby Bay is a secluded hideaway, perfect for those looking to escape reality for a bit and enjoy a romantic getaway!

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