Quiz: Are you a Destination Wedding Bride?

Luxe-destination-weddings-luxe1. Your idea of the “perfect” wedding can be described as:
a) A traditional ceremony in your house of worship followed by a banquet hall shindig.
b) Barefoot on the beach followed by a tiki-torch-lined BBQ.
c) A beautiful location surrounded by loved ones.

2. How many guests do you envision attending your ceremony?
a) 250++… your parents’ friends and even the dog groomer will make your invite list.
b) 2-50… your near and dear ones.
c) 50-150… loved ones and liked ones.

3. Think about your invite list. Where do your guests live?
a) Everyone lives in your hometown.
b) Your fiancé’s family is from the U.K. and Argentina, and your ex-college roommates live across the globe. Guests are going to travel no matter where your wedding is.
c) Guests are scattered across the country, but you still have a decent hometown contingent.

4. How will you react if some close family and friends cannot attend your wedding?
a) Burst into tears, get really offended and renounce them as friends.
b) Offer to help subsidize the cost for those who can’t afford it.
c) You will understand, but feel slightly disappointed.

5) How comfortable are you getting married at a place you’ve never seen before?
a) Comfortable? You’ll freak out if you cannot visit the venue at least five times in advance.
b) Photos and reviews are enough to ease your mind—it’s the beach after all!
c) You’re not thrilled, but with the help of a wedding consultant, you’ll trust that other brides have done it in the past.

6) You’ve dreamt about having rare Pigeon Orchids in your bouquet and serving your favourite Pinot Noir with dinner only to find out that the resort cannot accommodate either request. How do you react?
a) Cancel your destination wedding altogether because you must, must, must have every detail (which you’ve dreamed up since birth) become a reality at your wedding.
b) Compromise and choose a different flower and wine.
c) Throw a mini temper tantrum. Then once you’ve calmed down, you consider a compromise.

7) Are you able to relinquish some control when it comes to wedding planning?
a) No way! You’re actually comfortable identifying yourself as a bridezilla.
b) Absolutely. You trust the professionals and know that a destination wedding is not the same as a hometown gig.
c) Somewhat. You’re still a bit of a control freak, but know that a destination wedding will require some form of compromise on your part.

Are you a destination bride? If you answered:

Mostly As: Destination Nowhere: Although the destination wedding may seem like a great idea in theory, you’re probably best suited to having a wedding at home. Perhaps you can spice up a hometown wedding by choosing a unique venue. Remember that a destination wedding requires the ability to relinquish some control of the details…stick to your true style!

Mostly Bs: Destination Queen: Pack your bags, slip on your cute island flip-flops and get excited for what will be your ideal wedding. You’re the perfect type of person for a DW. Contact LUXE today for a free consultation. contact@luxedestinationevents.com

Mostly Cs: Destination Possibility: You’re not 100% sure if this is your wedding style but you are definitely considering it. You love the concept but perhaps you need to speak to a professional.

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  2. Determination is what makes you started. Routine is what keeps you going

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