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Here’s one of our favourite finds — New York based jewelry designer, Erica Weiner designs and crafts jewelry mainly from the findings made in New England Factories in the 20th century and from antique shops she visits around the world. Erica started off making jewelry around her kitchen table and taught herself everything about the business and craft of jewelry-making.  Now, on a regular basis, there are eight to ten women working together out of her Chrystie Street Studio,  producing unique collections of jewelry available internationally.

Erica has always kept the philosophy of making everything local and using beautiful materials combined with simple construction. Her initial core collection of under $200 pieces has since expanded to include a bridal collection and the brand new fine jewelry collection titled “1909”. Her collections are unique, beautiful and truthfully one of a kind. We have fallen in love with each piece and wanted to share with you some of our favorites!

Below is a selection of our favourite pieces from Erica’s under $200 collection, which would make fabulous and unique bridesmaids gifts:

Ahoy Bracelet $45.00                                                        Wrapped Belt Bracelet $25.00

Confetti Necklace $65.00                                                            Button Necklace $60.00

Floral Hoops $25.00                                                                  Pastel Earring Trio $40.00

Fluted Stacking Rings $40.00                                                         Infinity Rings $40.00

Take a look at her beautiful collection of jewelry specifically for weddings! We’ve selected a few of our favourite pieces for you:

Big Bow Earrings $30.00           1940s 14K Rose Gold Unisex Wedding Band $375.00

Jetsons Ring $1200.00                        Vintage Graduated Glass Pearl Necklace $80.00

Erica’s latest fine jewelry line entitled “1909” comes from her Grandmother’s date of birth. She is inspired by this time period because it was an exciting era in the world of fashion and also by her Grandmothers eccentric yet stylish jewelry. To create something new out of something old, they use a 3D technology to combine the best parts of old jewelry. All the gems used are vintage and is now available. Below are a few of our favourite pieces from her “1909” collection!

Bow Ring $875.00                                                             Gypsy Spark Earrings $360.00

The jewelry designs are made in limited runs so please keep this in mind when buying pieces.

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