Photographer Spotlight – Josh Dookhie

Our first time working with the incredibly talented Josh Dookhie was a little over two years ago now for our lovely couple Jason & Leslie’s wedding. Right away he struck us as someone who was so passionate about his craft, and in particular capturing the unique story of every couple. We are always blown away by his photos, and have been fortunate to work with him many times since. We asked Josh a few questions to get the inside scoop on the destination wedding photography experience as well as asked him to pick some of his favourite photos destination wedding shots from over the years.

Wedding photography trends are constantly changing and evolving – what are some of your favourite current/upcoming photography trends that work well for destination weddings?

I love how people are starting to really personalize their weddings. Every
relationship is unique, and every couple has had a different path towards their
wedding day. People are really starting to get on board with having their weddings reflect that through adding traditionally non-conventional elements that really make their wedding a celebration of them as a couple.

How would you describe your shooting style?

My approach is a mix between narrative images and intimate portraiture. I love how different and unique every couple truly is. I try and focus in on how different couples interact throughout the day, and capture the moments that are important to them. My goal is to blend in and photograph what is naturally happening throughout the wedding day. Apart from the portrait session, I am very hands-off, telling the story of your day as it unfolds. During the portraits I love intimate, natural shots that truly reflect how each couple uniquely interacts with each other.

Do you have any tips for destination wedding couples trying to plan their day-of photography schedule?

It’s really important to plan photos around good light! The best time to take
photos is from just before the sun goes down to just after. I also really emphasize
not planning one large concentrated time for photographs. It’s really important
that you have a consistent emotional connection to the day. Long portrait times in the sun can pull you out of that, and your wedding will start to feel like a big
photo shoot instead of being focused on spending time with your friends and
family. Plan instead to do photos throughout the day for smaller windows of
time. A good photographer doesn’t need hours of time to get portraits.

What questions should you ask a photographer before hiring them for your
destination wedding?

Shooting destination weddings can seem glamorous, and they are amazing to shoot. But, if you are not used to traveling a lot, it can be overwhelming. Make sure your photographer has travel experience, not just personal, but also professional. Make sure they book travel with windows for delays so they won’t miss your wedding. Shooting in other countries and climates present different cultural and environmental challenges as well. Ask your photographer if they are prepared for those issues if they should arise.

What are some of your favourite memories from the LUXE weddings you have shot?

One of my favorite things to do with a couple is to take them off resort and
do a day before or day after shoot in the surrounding area. It’s a great way to
see more of the country you are visiting. I recently did a shoot in Cabo where
we managed to snag the last boat of the day and did a shoot sailing around
the natural stone arches, chasing the last light. This will allow us to capture
some really great memories that reflect not only your relationship, but a cool
experience as well.

What is your favourite destination location that you’ve shot at?

There are two specific weddings and locations that come immediately to mind. I
shot a recent wedding in Ireland in a 700 year-old church. Additionally, I was
part of a small intimate ceremony in Sayulita, Mexico overlooking the beach, I
love seeing family come together and spend time celebrating.

What would be your dream destination to shoot?

India is my favourite country in the world to visit! I have been three times and every time the culture, people, and overall experience blow me away. I would love to be able to shoot a wedding there.

Where are you travelling to next, either personally or professionally?

I spend a lot of the year in Mexico or Thailand. I am doing a short personal trip
through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam before heading down to Australia to
shoot a wedding this spring.

What drew you to a career in photography?

Travelling and seeing all the stories unfolding around me drew me to
photography. I love how beautifully different people are all over the world. I
started documenting and trying to tell stories from different places. I had a friend
ask me to shoot a wedding and realized that weddings have such amazing stories
that really speak to us as people. Telling these stories through my art is one of
my greatest joys.

Any advice for couples when picking a photographer for their wedding?

The best thing couples can do is find a photographer that has work that you could
see yourself in. Then, give them a call to see if you connect on a personal level.
This person will be sharing one of the most amazing days of your life. I always
hope my couples are excited to see me when I show up on their wedding day.

How would you describe yourself in 20 words or less?

I’m at heart a creative wanderer with a passion for people and

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