Palladium Wedding Websites

Palladium Resorts offers brides and grooms some of the most romantic beachfront destinations for their weddings. The amazing services and facilities of the All-Inclusive 5-Star Palladium Resorts serve as a perfect home to you guests while they are away celebrating your wedding!

Palladium Weddings offers brides and grooms to be amazing wedding packages designed by Karen Bussen, one of New York’s most exciting wedding planners, has designed these packages exclusively for Palladium. The also offer an online gift registry and an opportunity to create a free wedding website!


The wedding websites offer you an opportunity to share your story, photos, bridal party, wedding details and your gift registry all in one convenient location. There are two options to choose from that come with a variety of themes and colours to allow your personality to shine though.

Option 1 allows for multiple pages to showcase all your wedding details with customizable pages that allow you to include images and descriptions of your travel arrangements, wedding party, reception details and many more!  Option 2 is a much more simple website with one single page providing your family and friends with all the important information they will require. There is also a section for a blog and photo album! Share all the adventures of wedding planning with your friends and family!!


To see a sample of the types of wedding websites and details you can include click here: See A Sample Wedding Website

What do you think is the most important aspect to include on a wedding website? We’d love to hear your comments below!

  1. Kelly DeClout says:

    This is a great feature to keep my guests updated with travel information! 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    How about a wedding itinerary for the day of? Is there space for that?

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