Our Top Midnight Snack Picks

October 13, 2011

Destination Weddings

Everyone gets the late night munchies at weddings. After hours of dancing, your guests need a little pick-me-up as the party winds down (or winds up, depending on your crowd).

Midnight snacks have almost become “the norm” and many of our clients cannot imagine having a wedding without this special late night addition. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something more hearty, here are the best and easiest choices to consider:

Sliders – probably the most popular choice … and they come in all shapes, forms and meats:

Grilled Cheese – comfort food at its best:

Quesadillas – a great option for Mexican and other Latin American local weddings:

Tacos – don’t forget the guacamole!:

French Fries – another big fan favourite – don’t forget the appropriate accoutrements and serve in cones if possible!:

Milk and Cookies – for every good little girl and boy:

Ice Cream Cones – refreshing in hot climates, delightful and so cute in mini cones:

There you have it… our favourite late night snacks. Don’t be afraid to get really creative if you’re working with a top chef.