On Trend – Marble

wdcThere is no doubt that marble is the newest and most sophisticated trend for weddings. Just in preparing for this blog we went a little marble crazy on Pinterest. It is a classic theme that can stand alone, or be paired with a colour or theme of your choice to truly make it pop!

Invitation Collage DanceFloorDecorMarble is so versatile that it can be used in almost all of your décor. Add some drama to your ceremony décor with a marble aisle runner. Swap out regular votive candles for marble votive candles. Have vases with floral in them, add in white and grey stones to make the marble look come to life.

Marble Food lavishpalmsprings-wedding-25Finding a great accent to pair with marble is key, as you may find it hard to collect marble specific wedding items. We suggest having an accent colour or an additional theme to give your marble more of a completed look. Rose gold, blush pink, greenery and gold are only some of the colours that you can pair with marble to intensify the look. Geometric shapes are all the rage so pairing this with marble will put your wedding décor on a new level.

07_FullSizeRender-3-courtesy of LHC IMG_1402When it comes to your reception you can include marble in almost everything. Your chargers can be marble, menu cards can also be printed on marble card stock. Guests will look forward to finding their seat with easy DIY marble tile place cards. And if you’re looking for a place to take gorgeous photos, think about adding in a marble back drop. Make your wedding the envy of everyone with a majestic two or three tier marble designed cake. Each addition of marble will complete the classy look you desire.

Marble Drink Tray Marble Photo Wall

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