On Trend – Fruit Centrepieces

Fruit Centerpieces - Cover photoWhen it comes to weddings, the beauty is in the details. For many brides, a fairytale wedding can be hard to obtain when your budget won’t allow for lavish décor and floral. Don’t panic, because we are here to give you some ideas on how not to break the bank, specifically for centerpieces.

With destination weddings, it’s often hard to remember that certain flowers are not local and may need to be specially ordered in from another location. This can result in high prices for floral centerpieces, and using most of your budget towards those pretty bulbs. Why not take advantage of the local flora, foliage and fruit to make a unique centerpiece that none of your guests will forget!

PineapplesPineapple - Photo 1Pineapples are an amazing way to bring the Caribbean vibe to your wedding, while staying within your budget. These fruits are plentiful on the islands and can be purchased in bulk for a low cost. Whether they’re plain, or sprayed in white or gold, these fruits will make for an absolutely stunning centerpiece. To amp up your look, add in a funky tablecloth, votive candles, or even hollow out the pineapple and fill it with silk flowers brought from home.

CoconutsCoconut - Phtoto 2Palm trees and coconuts are the embodiment of the island life, so why not utilize them for your centerpieces! Lay down palm or banana leaf to make a pretty greenery table runner, with halved coconuts and single tropical flowers such as soft pink or deep red Ginger Lilies. Since these tropical flowers and fruits are readily available, they won’t be too expensive and will add a gorgeous pop of color to your reception. Add in mercury glass or textured vases in varying heights, candles, and even plantains to add depth to the tables.

 PomegranatesPomegranate - Photo 3Nothing is sweeter than falling in love, but pomegranates certainly come close. Use these vibrant fruits to create a lovely centerpiece for an imperial table, placed over eucalyptus or banana leaves. You can even place the fruit in a fun vase with Dusty Miller & Lambs Ear, decorated with single roses. To create the illusion of a fuller table, take pillar or votive candles and scatter them down the center of the table. Adding in table numbers and personal touches are always a plus to ensure a memorable piece.



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