Navy & Lavender – Great Gift Bag Ideas!

We’ve always been of fan of Navy & Lavender – they are a fantastic gifting company that specializes in welcome gifts and more. It’s pretty much standard etiquette in the world of destination weddings to give your guests a welcome gift. And when we are asked for ideas, we offer great suggestions to reflect both the bride and groom and the destination. But sometimes it’s just easier to hire a professional. I say this every day to pre-nuptials considering hiring a wedding planner, a photographer, and frankly, any wedding vendor that might make their life easier. Professional services are designed to help those who want help, and to provide convenience and the assurance that things will turn out just as they hope. No one is saying you can’t do it on your own, but, if you’re busy, and just want some good old fashioned assistance, why not enlist some help with your giftbags.

Enter a company like Navy and Lavendar… here are a few examples of their gifts.

The third and fourth photo are more gender specific, potentially a great gift for a bridesmaid or groomsmen. If you like the idea of putting together your own gift bags, here are some a la carte options as well…

The last photo – the Rescue Me kit – is a great little traveller to hand out to everyone. What do you think? We like.

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