Natasha and Roger’s Destination Wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a special place where the desert and sea meet to create a perfect destination wedding backdrop. Natasha and Roger’s recent destination wedding illustrates this beautiful setting through a stunning set of photos compliments of the talented Mango Studios.

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Occupations: Roger is a recent PhD graduate in neuroscience. Natasha works for ORP Investments
How they met:
Through friends. A bunch of us went to Niagara Falls and Roger fell in love the moment he laid eyes on me 😉 Haha just kidding, but we had an amazing night and decided to see where it went!
What attracted Roger to Natasha:
Aside from her stunning beauty, I was most attracted by her strong, independent attitude, and the confidence that she absolutely emanates in every facet of her life. These have made her into a successful woman, an unmatched partner and wife, and a wonderful role model for our future children.
What attracted Natasha to Roger:
Hands down, he’s the smartest person I know. Our personalities also work very well together and there is never a dull moment with us. I am completely myself when I am with him and he totally knows how to handle me at my best – and at my worst. He is EVERYTHING I pictured in a man, a husband, and a future father. And another bonus – he’s super handsome as well!
Best advice:
Life tends to move quickly after your married, so embrace everything as it comes your way and really live for those moments because there are many moments that only happen once!

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Engagement story: When I came home from work, he proposed to me at my condo! It was so much fun because he had an amazing night planned afterwards and we went to Benihana for dinner and stayed at the Royal York Hotel where my best friend works. Needless to say we had the royal treatment, as the whole hotel knew we got engaged that night and they made it so special! Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, a super fancy suite, congratulating us everywhere we went, the whole works! It was really a special, romantic and perfect night.

bride los cabosfirst glancelos cabos weddingdestination weddingdestination weddinglos cabos destination weddingdestination wedding cabo

Wedding date: January 27, 2015
Number of guests:
Wedding colours:
red, black and champagne
Roger’s most memorable moment:
Our first dance to Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. This moment would not have been as memorable, had it not been for the fact that I have dreamt of JT serenading us with this song as we got married for the past 2 years (since we first talked about getting married). Not to mention that it perfectly describes how I feel about Tash. “You are, you are, the love of my life.” Ahhhh if only JT was there in person.
Natasha’s most memorable moment:
Seeing how happy Rog was when his two (and most important) songs played that day – our entry song and first dance. I reluctantly let him choose the two important songs for the day and I wasn’t particularly happy about either haha. I hated them both at first but seeing how happy it made him, was all worth it. I’m so happy I agreed to the songs he wanted, it was fun watching him in utter bliss during both those moments!
Advice to others:
Take a breath and enjoy the whole day. It passes by so quickly, take a moment to enjoy all the months that you spent preparing for this very day. If something goes wrong, embrace it and realize that no one will notice if you don’t stress out about it! Just go with it.
Favourite wedding detail:
There wasn’t one in particular, but it was the way everything came together. It was all those details that I planned, crafted and hauled from Toronto coming together with the decor and venue that really made it all worthwhile.
Most unexpected moment:
The fact that Tash let me choose the entry song I wanted, and boy did it fit the moment perfectly. Let’s be honest, the members of our wedding party can be a little wild, so when they formed an arch for Tash and I to enter through, we had clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right. And here I am, stuck in the middle with Stu.
Most romantic moment:
Our first look. I always imagined how gorgeous Tash would look in a wedding dress. Boy, did she blow my expectations out of the water. When I laid eyes upon here, I bore witness to an unparalleled beauty matched only by her enchantment, finesse, and grace. At that moment, I had never been so excited to spend the rest of my life with her.

ceremony setupred pomanderlos cabossunset de mona lisa ceremonyjust married

Traditions: none whatsoever! I think that’s what made it such a relaxed day. We did the usual ceremony, had a first dance as a couple but mostly played everything by ear. If we wanted to add a parents dance or bouquet toss we decided we would do it when we felt like it. Everyone was having so much fun that we didn’t have anything after the bride and grooms first dance. We barely squeezed in time for the cake cutting!
Our wedding happened a few weeks after our house closed. We haven’t had time to go on our honeymoon yet! We are planning to go to Bora Bora or Maldives once everything settles and we get a chance to plan something.
Day in three words:
Hectic. Chaotic. Perfect.

destination weddingdestination weddingdestinatino weddingdestination wedding

Ceremony location: Sunset de Mona Lisa
Reception location:
Sunset Point at Sunset de Mona Lisa
Why this location:
We had went on a trip to Cabo a year and a half before we got engaged and I turned to Roger and said, “If we get married, this is the place.” and he couldn’t have agreed more. It is truly a beautiful city and the most exciting part was bringing all of our guests there for the first time! It was a destination no one had visited before and everyone loved it.
Natasha’s shoes:
Louboutin (obviously!)
Roger’s outfit:
everything Hugo Boss – down to the socks!
Type of rings:
custom made by Longbranch Jewellers
Wedding song:
Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
custom shot glasses with detailing and starfish bottle openers
Dj Mijares played a mix of everything and guest requests
: Mango Studios from Toronto
Hair & makeup:
Suzanne Morel

Los Cabos Destination Wedding centrepiecelos cabos destination weddinglos cabos destination weddingdestination wedding mexicodestination wedding first dancedestination wedding los cabosred roseslos cabos wedding

Astrological signs: Roger – cancer, Natasha – aries
Anything else that made the day special:
The McDonalds and the amazing people that put effort into making it to Cabo!
Tell us about your LUXE Destination Weddings experience:
Thank you SO much to both Alex and Melanie for EVERYTHING. Honestly, we wouldn’t have known what to do without you guys. The worst that could happen while planning a destination wedding happened, and we all got through it! Thank you for keeping me on top of everything even when I wanted to walk away for all the planning and changes. Thank you both for listening to me cry, and being there for the ups and downs, and listening to me rant about ALL my issues. You both were truly my therapists for a while there and I have complete faith in all you do. I wish you both nothing but continued success in the future, you deserve it.

Final Thoughts: This whole wedding thing was such a crazy ride. We did our civil legal ceremony here in Toronto before we went down to Los Cabos. We kept running into bad luck because a few days before our civil wedding, there was a fire at city hall which affected the wedding chapel. Not to mention the Gardiner closure that was going on that weekend! Our family got pretty lost coming to Toronto and we had to move the ceremony to the hotel beside City Hall! Next, our destination wedding to Los Cabos hit a snag when hurricane Odile hit the coast. We had to move our whole (already planned and finished) wedding three months later because it sadly devastated the city. We hit so much bad luck that when they wedding day finally came, everything shockingly went smoothly and perfectly. We couldn’t have pictured a better day, and were really surprised by it! We thought for sure it would rain (it didn’t), or that someone couldn’t make it last minute (they all did), or that the hotel or flight would be full or cancelled (they weren’t)! At first we would joke about doubting this wedding with all the bad luck that ensued, but once the day came, there was no doubt anymore – it was really meant to happen.

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