Monica and Kevin’s Destination Wedding in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

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About Monica and Kevin
Monica: The Brains: Funny, witty, and sweet. Monica is everyone’s friend who does not hesitate to drop everything to help out a friend. She is a roller-coaster enthusiast, and an eternal water baby. She is an only child who is very close to her parents. Family means everything to her and she is so thankful that she was able to bring both families together during their wedding day.
The Braun: Funny, sweet, and strong. Kevin is strong on the outside and sweet inside. He always has a smile on his face and is always there when you need him. He is an avid hockey player and an eternal sports fan. He loves to be where the action is, and is always up for anything. He is very close to his parents and family means everything him. He always wanted to have both his family and Monica’s family together on their wedding day.
Monica is an Executive Assistant at the Alberta Treasury Branches and Kevin is a Sales Manager for Koodo, a Telus Company.
How they met
:  Kevin and Monica met like most traditional couples do… online. Kevin messaged Monica first and they immediately clicked after the first reply. They traded digits and were talking non stop since then. When they decided to meet in person for the first time, Monica was hesitant and did not push through. She chickened out and dumped him before they actually met.


Kevin messages Monica again and the virtual connection was exactly how it was the first time. Kevin was persistent and determined to show Monica how great of a guy he was. They make arrangements to meet again and finally, Monica showed up. It was instant chemistry. They laughed, talked, and had fun just like best friends do.

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What attracted Kevin to Monica: Kevin was immediately attracted to Monica’s bubbly personality and how easy it is to talk to her. He felt like he could tell Monica anything and everything.
What attracted Monica to Kevin: Monica immediately gravitated towards Kevin’s smile and kindness. He showed her how to feel loved and be loved.
What was the best advice you received as a couple?
Always have patience, never forget how love brought you both together, and always make time for each other.
Engagement story:
October 9th, 2013
The Morning – Monica just started a new job. She is pressured and nervous about proving herself and was feeling very sensitive that morning. Kevin attempted to do every little thing that drives Monica crazy

Early Afternoon – Monica and Kevin argue about nothing. Anger flares and Kevin and Monica need a moment to cool off. Monica asks Kevin to give her space and Kevin goes out to help his mom with something. Monica continues to work but is completely distracted

1:23 PM -Kevin texts Monica “We need to talk… I am on my way home. I love you”

Monica texts back “Ok… Love you too!”

2:00PM – Kevin arrives Home while Monica continues to work

K: “We need to talk about things… Can we talk?”

M: “Sure. But you know why I am peeved off right?”

K: “Yes, what can I do to make you feel better?”

M: “Show me you love me and be sensitive to the things I care about. Show me everyday how much you love me”

K: “In that case, I don’t want you to be my girlfriend anymore”

Kevin fumbles his pockets and acts nervous

M: “Huh? What do you mean?”

K: Kevin opens a small box…. there is the ring! “Be my wife?”

Monica is in shock and quiet and Kevin waits in anticipation

M: “Yes!!! Yes!!! Are you serious? Yes!!!”

That Evening – Kevin and Monica celebrate their engagement by watching the hockey game at the Calgary Saddledome. It’s the Montreal Canadiens vs. Calgary Flames, which are both their hometown teams.

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The Wedding Day
Wedding date: November 10 2014
Number of guests: 40 people; 36 adults and 4 kids
Wedding colours:
Baby Pink and Lime Green
Monica’s most memorable moment:
Kevin’s teary eyes as Monica walked down the aisle
Kevin’s most memorable moment: Watching Monica walk down the aisle and seeing how beautiful she is
Advice to others:
Relax and enjoy every moment. Don’t sweat the details. LUXE made the process so easy and they captured our dream wedding exactly to the tee. Everyone in our wedding is asking “When is the next reunion?”
Favourite wedding detail:
Bride’s veil, the flowers, the beach, and the food!
Most unexpected moment:
The food and how wonderful the staff is at Marina Maroma. Everything was taken care of and we did not worry about thing. Everything was just perfect.
Most romantic moment:
During the couples’ photo shoot, Kevin whispered his vows to Monica and Monica replied with “I love you.”
Did you include any traditions in your wedding?
Our wedding ceremony was a traditional Catholic wedding. To our surprise, our family and friends sang “Ave Maria” a Capella to give us blessing.
This is still yet to be determined. We are torn between Hawaii or the Caribbean.
The day in three words: Best. Day. Ever.

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Wedding Details
Ceremony location: Chapel at Marina Maroma
Reception location: Beach at Marina Maroma
Why did you choose this location for your wedding? We always wanted to get married near the beach but we wanted a traditional Catholic Wedding. LUXE Destination Weddings found us a chapel right on a beautiful beach.
Monica’s gown:
Vera Wang
Monica’s shoes:
Manolo Blahnik with Swarovski Crystals – Just like Carrie Bradshaw’s but in pink!
Kevin’s outfit:
Kenneth Cole
Type of rings:
Kevin’s band is solid white gold with details, and Monica’s is solid white gold with a 2.00 carat diamond.
Monica wore diamonds that her grandmother and mother wore on their wedding day
Wedding song:
God Must Have Spent by Boyce Avenue
Signature drink: Classic Margarita
Favours: MK Mints – MK for “MonicaKevin”
Music: The couple made their own playlist with all their favorite songs.
Flowers: All fresh Stargazer Lillies, pink roses, green dendrobium orchids, and chrysanths
Sarani Estrada
Hair and Makeup:
Ocean Coral and Turquesa Spa
Wedding Paper Divas
Marina Maroma

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Fun Stuff
What was old? –
Monica wore diamonds that were her grandmother’s, then mother’s, and now they are hers.
What was new?
– Monica’s shoes and dress – Kevin bought Monica her dream shoes because he wanted her to feel like Cinderella on their wedding day.
What was borrowed?
– Monica’s veil was custom from her mother’s gown. All the lace details were taken from her mothers’ gown and sewn along the edges of her veil.
What was blue?  –
It was supposed to be the garter but Monica forgot that back home so, we all improvised and used a blue sash

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