Michelle & Tony’s Sunset Photoshoot in Montego Bay, Jamaica

KempSunset-57A few weeks ago we shared the gorgeous photos from the Houston Astro’s Tony Kemp and his new bride Michelle’s wedding, shot by the talented Madi Flournoy. There were way too many gorgeous shots for us to include all in one blog, so today we’re excited to feature some more pictures from their sunset shoot!

KempSunset-30 KempSunset-36 KempSunset-3 KempSunset-13 KempSunset-24 KempSunset-27How gorgeous does Michelle look in that red dress? We love how Madi captured this couples playful side of the couple in this shoot, and the stunning setting at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course.

KempSunset-81 KempSunset-43 KempSunset-49 KempSunset-55 KempSunset-65 KempSunset-80

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