Mad Libs Guest Book

Do you remember doing Mad Libs as a child, thinking they were the funniest things you’d ever heard when reading them out loud? What a great creative and nostalgic way to incorporate some fun into your wedding!

If you want a guest book but don’t want the standard, why not incorporate a fun way for guests to offer you advice AND have a keepsake that will remind you of who attended your big day! Creating a Mad Lib Guest Book allows guests to insert funny adjectives, verbs and pronouns into the appropriate lines for a unique, one of a kind message! Brides and Grooms can make this a fun DIY project with as much or as little personalization as you would like, or print off one of the many templates available online. Place a Mad Lib at each person’s place setting or get creative and setup a scrapbook station with stickers and photo booth pictures! Just remember to have lots of pens handy and get ready for some outrageous cards!

After the wedding, assemble each of the cards into book form or put into a binder, read to each other aloud and laugh/enjoy your guests advice. Need help creating your own? Visit Word Libs to create your own custom Mad Libs or check out Cami’s Paperie on Etsy for completly customizable Wedding Mad Libs!


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