Love Is…

Love is
Love Is… is a series of heartfelt cartoons drawn by an artist we love (you can check out for more). They are real and raw and express sentiments of what true love is (not just the fireworks stuff).

love is

From the artist: Before this blog was created, it all began with a bunch little photo SMS messages that I sent to my girlfriend for fun.  I was never very good with expressing through spoken words, her birthday was coming up and I wanted to prepare a tiny surprise for her, and gathered the drawings and made a blog for her.
love isLOVE IS

It was meant to be just a personal blog, but a friend of mine posted it on twitter and I started to get followers, and people that liked the pictures.  I just want to take a small personal time to say that I really appreciate and thank everyone that visit this page.  It was actually my first blog, a simple gift for my girlfriend suddenly become a lot more than me and my gf expected.  I just want to thank everyone for her, for liking the pictures, of course also thank my super girlfriend (now wife) for fueling me with energies to keep this blog up! I’m not sure where this blog will lead, but I’ll make sure I’ll keep updating with my goofy random doodles!
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