Kim and Faz’s Destination Wedding in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Introducing Kim and Faz…. a beautiful couple, a beautiful wedding, and beautiful photos courtesy of the always-talented del Sol Photography in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

About Kim & Faz

Occupations: Kim is a Nurse Anesthetist,  Faz is an Orthopedic Surgeon
How they met: Faz and I first met back in the summer of 2005.  He was doing an orthopedic surgery residency at the hospital where I worked as an ICU nurse.  We were out for drinks with a mutual friend when we first met.  We had an instant connection.  I was so intrigued by him – he was charismatic, handsome, and extremely intelligent.  However, at the end of the night, we went our separate ways.  I actually thought his name was ‘Fazo,’ which we still laugh about to this day!  Almost 1 year later, we met again at a party.  Immediately after recognizing one another, we remembered our connection the year prior.  He drove me home that night and we talked and laughed in his car for nearly 4 hours!  It was one of the best nights of both of our lives.  We began dating shortly after.

What attracted Faz to Kim: Her energetic personality
What attracted Kim to Faz: His beautiful brown eyes

Engagement story: The date was March 31, 2009.  Faz and I took a mini-spring break vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  The second morning of our trip, we had walked into the lobby area of the hotel, where we planned to make dinner reservations at one of the specialty restaurants for that evening.  The line was very long, so Faz said to me, “Why don’t you head out to the beach and I’ll wait here.  I want to run to the gym anyway, so I’ll meet you in a couple hours.”  Excited to work on my tan, I took him up on his offer.  So after lounging on the beach for about three hours with no Faz in sight, I thought, “Wow – that must be some workout!”  When he finally came out to join me on the beach, I was like, “Where in the world have you been?”  Faz had some story about not waiting in the right line…and then the line being unbelievably slow… and then the gym being super busy and so forth.   Well apparently, he had actually been conversing back and forth with some of the resort employees, arranging the details of the proposal for that evening! (little stinker!)  With the minor communication barrier, let’s just say that Faz had an interesting morning!

Hoping that I would believe the story behind his prolonged disappearance, Faz told me, “Be ready by 6:30 pm tonight, we’re going to have a nice dinner.”  I thought this was a little out of the ordinary – since when was he so romantic and organized all of a sudden?

Later that evening, we both got ready and went for a beautiful walk along the beach as the sun was setting.  We had walked past a table set up for two in the sand and I remember telling Faz how amazing that would be to have dinner on the beach!  (Coming across this table during our walk was not in Faz’s plan, and made him a little nervous that I had caught on!)

Following our walk, we made our way towards a restaurant near the beach and went inside.  The host handed each of us a glass of wine and told us that our table would be ready shortly.  After a few minutes, one of the waiters led us out onto the beach to the table set up for two!

With our table encircled by candles and tiki torches, and the sound of waves crashing in the background, the ambiance was incredible!  Faz had picked out this fantastic 4 course dinner starting with my absolute favorite – lobster bisque soup.  Throughout dinner, he mentioned several times how phenomenal the desserts were at this particular restaurant and to make sure that I save room for dessert.  I thought this was a little bizarre – Faz doesn’t even like dessert!

As soon as we finished our dinner, our waiter brought out two dessert menus. He handed one of them to each of us.  I opened mine, and in big letters it read, “Kim will you marry me?” I looked to my left and Faz was down on one knee in the sand.  Initially, all I could do was laugh and say, “Oh, my God” about a hundred times and wonder how in the world he pulled this off!  He proceeded to say some of the sweetest words I have ever heard and of course…I said yes!  In the meantime, our terrific waiter had captured some pictures of the special moment!  It was an evening that both of us will remember forever!

The Wedding Day
Number of Guests: 46
Kim’s most memorable moment: Holding Faz’s hands and looking at him during our ‘Hand Ceremony’
Faz’s most memorable moment: Seeing Kim walk down the aisle

Advice to others: Enjoy every moment, don’t worry about small details – the day goes by way too quickly!
Wedding song: Keith Urban ‘Only you can love me this way’
Fave wedding detail: The ‘crystal curtain’ we used to decorate the gazebo for the ceremony

Honeymoon: El Dorado Maroma – Playa del Carmen
The day in three words: Absolutely incredible

Wedding Info:
Ceremony location: Excellence Riviera Cancun – Seaside gazebo
Reception location: Excellence Riviera Cancun – Lobster House
Bridal gown: Allure Couture Bridals
Bridal party attire: Pretty Maids
Groom’s outfit: Joseph A. Banks
Music: Ceremony: Classic Mexican Trio of a violin, cello, and flute. Cocktail hour: Mariachi band. Reception: DJ

Flowers: Bridal bouquet: Fuschia calla lilies and roses. Bridesmaid bouquets: fuschia and orange roses, orange lilies, and green cymbidium orchids
Fun Stuff
Astrological Signs: Kim: Virgo  Faz: Libra
Type of Ring: 1.8 carat round
Wedding Colors: Fuschia and orange
Bride’s Shoes: Me Too ‘Jeanette’ peep toe heels in fuschia

What was borrowed? My grandmother’s necklace
What was new? My wedding dress
What was blue? My mother’s garter
What did you put in gift bags?: We had orange ‘Mexico’ beach tote bags stuffed with a fuschia-colored beach towel, with our names and wedding date embroidered on them, a ‘wedding week’ itinerary, a welcome note, a couple bottles of water, and some snacks.
Most romantic moment: At the end of the night together, reminiscing about our amazing day

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH LUXE DESTINATION WEDDINGS: Thank you, Rebecca!  You are wonderful to work with and made our dream wedding come true!

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