Jenna & Chad’s Destination Wedding in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

J&C Wedding Web-377About Jenna & Chad
How they met:  We met through work
What attracted him to her:  Her inner beauty is what attracted me to her at first, then her caring-ness for me. The way we were always on the same page and thought the same. She brought the best and most out of me. Her overall beauty is like none other. I knew from the first couple of times we spoke that we’d be together forever!
What attracted her to him:  His personality! He was just so pure, and confident in who he was as a person and yet so humbling at the same time.  We had many of the same visions and ideals of what we wanted in life – and I had connected with him on another level that I never had with anyone before (I didn’t even know it possible to feel that way about someone) and we became each other’s best friends first.  He made me feel beautiful and confident in who I was as a person right from the beginning and still does to this day!
What was the best advice you received as a bride/groom?  To never go to bed angry and always kiss each other goodnight!

J&C Wedding Web-12J&C Wedding Web-15 J&C Wedding Web-73 J&C Wedding Web-77 J&C Wedding Web-89 J&C Wedding Web-101J&C Wedding Web-107J&C Wedding Web-74 J&C Wedding Web-120J&C Wedding Web-127Engagement story:  Oh gosh – Chad isn’t the most discreet when it comes to surprises lol!  (Chad will say I’m nosey and that’s how I manage to know everything I tend to disagree) Our friends, Cameron and Cathalin were coming up from Edmonton (they had my engagement ring), and he said that he had to go and meet Cameron. I had asked if he wanted me to tag along and he said sure (why he even let me come is beyond me). But before all of this – I was quite grumpy because I had friends earlier in the month who had gotten proposed to, and Cathalin had just gotten proposed the night before, and I was feeling ripped off I had actually told Chad that I was so sick of people getting engaged I didn’t want to hear about it anymore (we had actually even gone ring shopping just a few hours before!). Anyways, we had gone and met Cameron and Cathalin and Chad and Cameron were off to the side, but I knew what was happening (which I think in turn made me even more cranky, because I always told Chad I never wanted to know when it was going to happen). We got back into the car to go home; we had stopped at the grocery store quickly, and then went home. I was actually in the washroom, and my dog Nala was by me and she was wagging her tail looking towards the front door, she gave him up (and I knew Chad was just around the corner, and I was going to stay if you’re going to propose don’t do it, but I didn’t ) I walked into the kitchen and he came through and he got down on one knee and proposed! Of course I said yes. It may not have been the most discreet or most romantic but all in all I couldn’t have been happier!

J&C Wedding Web-36J&C Wedding Web-39J&C Wedding Web-48 J&C Wedding Web-57J&C Wedding Web-60The Wedding Day
Wedding date:  June 6, 2017
Number of guests:  32
Wedding colours:  Ivory/Champagne/Blush Pink
Her most memorable moment:  I can’t pick just one so mine were: Finally walking down the aisle and seeing Chad for the first time – his vows – our first kiss as husband and wife and our first dance. I also have to say the reception – DJ Max and team were awesome! All of our guests danced the whole night!
His most memorable moment:  Chad’s most memorable moments were: The Vows, the kiss, and my vows I made to the boys, the rehearsal dinner (that Jenna didn’t make, too many paloma’s) and the reception!
Advice to others:  Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment – the day goes by quickly, so soak it in while you can. I’d also recommend a videographer (we didn’t get one but I wish we had)
Favourite wedding detail:  All of it – but I have to say the flowers were absolutely breathtaking! And too see all the décor come together, as I got much of it on my own.
Most unexpected moment:  The rain! It had forecasted to rain later in the evening (around 9:00 pm) and it started to pour shortly after 4:00 pm, and the ceremony was to start at 5:00 pm– so the onsite coordinators came to my room asking if I wanted to move my reception. Needless to say it was quite chaotic!!
Most romantic moment:  The Kiss and the first dance!
Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  We had traditional readings for the ceremony, father/daughter and mother/son dance.
Honeymoon:  We are planning a honeymoon to Italy and Greece for next year.
The day in three words:  Breathtaking – Amazing & Beautiful!

J&C Wedding Web-156J&C Wedding Web-171J&C Wedding Web-172J&C Wedding Web-175J&C Wedding Web-201J&C Wedding Web-208J&C Wedding Web-222J&C Wedding Web-224J&C Wedding Web-230J&C Wedding Web-231J&C Wedding Web-247J&C Wedding Web-253J&C Wedding Web-277Wedding Details
Ceremony location:  Private Beach Gazebo at Azul Fives
Reception location:  Originally it was to be on the sky deck – however 45 minutes before they ceremony we changed it to Oriola  due to rain, but it  was just as amazing)
Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  The Sky Deck!
Bride’s gown:  Katie May – Barcelona Gown
Bride’s shoes:  Ivanka Trump
Groom’s outfit:  Ed William’s Mens Wear Custom Suit – Suit was made by Jack Victor
Type of rings:  Hers: Tacori (band) Engagement Ring: Scott Kay His: Torque
Jewellery: Necklace – Etsy (Custom Made) All other: Swarovski
Bridesmaids dresses: Amsale Nouvelle
Groomsmen attire:  Ed Williams Mens Wear

J&C Wedding Web-335 J&C Wedding Web-353J&C Wedding Web-354 J&C Wedding Web-364J&C Wedding Web-380Wedding song: First Dance, 1 + 1 by Beyonce and Ceremony, All of Me by John Legend
Signature drink:  Strawberry Mojito
Favours:  We had tank tops made for everyone which read ‘Turn Down for Watts’ to wear while we were there and for the flight there
Music:  DJ Max – he was awesome! I would totally recommend him in a heartbeat.
Flowers:  Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design
Photographer:  ROGO Photography – Robert Albertin
Hair: Backstage Hair & Makeup Studio
Makeup: Backstage Hair & Makeup Studio
Catering: Azul Fives

J&C Wedding Web-408 J&C Wedding Web-410 J&C Wedding Web-385 J&C Wedding Web-403 J&C Wedding Web-404 J&C Wedding Web-407Fun Stuff
Astrological signs (hers) and (his):  Hers Taurus His Aquarius
What was new?  My dress and veil and all my jewelry!
What was blue?  My Garter
Tell us about your experience working with LUXE: 

Emily was my wedding co-coordinator and she was simply the best! I’m a very detail orientated person as well as indecisive, so when it came to making decisions she was my backbone and support and was always there to answer any questions I had, and reassured me in making those tough final decisions. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to help make my dream wedding become reality. I can’t praise her enough for everything that she did for us.

Jennifer was my travel coordinator (she had come into the picture later on). I knew from the moment I first talked to her that we were going to hit it off. She was always quick to respond to any and all inquiries that my guests and I had. Her personality is so bright – I wish I could’ve had her from the start! All my guests who booked through her couldn’t say enough about her!

J&C Wedding Web-425J&C Wedding Web-429J&C Wedding Web-458 J&C Wedding Web-455J&C Wedding Web-526J&C Wedding Web-401Congratulations Jenna and Chad!

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