Janice and Keith’s Destination Wedding in Jamaica


RIU Montego Bay Destination Wedding
About Janice and Keith

Occupations: Office Manager and Banking Investor
How they met: Online
What attracted Keith to Janice: Honesty
What attracted Janice to Keith: Gentleness/handsome
Engagement story: We met on a rainy day May 9th, my umbrella fell apart on the walk over to the place where we were meeting, exactly 6 months later, he proposed to me, down on his knee at the exact table where we first met. He had flowers on the table, champagne, and he even had a new umbrella for me.

RIU Montego Bay Destination Wedding

The Wedding Day
Wedding date: July 23, 2015
Number of Guests: 28
Janice’s most memorable moment: The beach party, speeches
Keith’s most memorable moment: Watching me walking down the aisle
Advice to Others:  Follow your heart
Wedding song: Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran
Fave wedding detail:  Island wedding
Signature Drink: Appleton rum
Most unexpected moment: Plane flying over during the ceremony
Honeymoon:  3 weeks in South Africa, where Keith is from
The day in three words: DREAM COME TRUE

RIU Montego Bay Destination Wedding

Wedding Info
Ceremony location: Gazebo at RIU Montego Bay
Reception location:  Dinner in the steak house, dancing on the beach
Bridal gown: white halter, embellished lacey straps
Bridal party attire:  Multi color dresses, grey linen pants and white shirts
Groom’s outfit: grey linen pants and white shirt
Favours:  bubbles, boxes of customized chocolates at the table settings
Music: DJ
Flowers: white roses, purple and pink lilies

RIU Montego Bay Destination Wedding
Fun Stuff
Astrological Signs: 
Janice – Aquarius, Keith – Virgo
Type of Ring: 2k solitaire with halo
Wedding Colors: Dark purple
Bride’s Shoes: Silver strappy heals
What was borrowed?  A white purse
What was new?  My earrings
What was blue?  A strand from my friend’s wrap fringe, tucked into by corset
What did you put in gift bags?  Custom embroidered beach bags included, personalized drink cups, flip flops, CD of our favorite music,  gift certs for the spa, Appleton Rum, cigars, fans, suntan lotion, glass wine stopper, custom made deck of cards, survival kit (advil, mints, energy drink, pepto, bandaids, wipes, burn lotion)
Most romantic moment: Our first dance
Please tell us about your experience with your destination wedding planner: Cindy was awesome, I was stressed out about a destination wedding and she did a great job of settling me down, everything was perfect!

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