How to find your perfect wedding photography style

Weddings present the ideal environment to experiment with different trends and techniques, whether that be for bridal attire, décor, flower arrangements, and more – and photography is no exception. With so many methods, styles, and types of photography to choose from, selecting the perfect one for you may feel daunting. Not sure which is best suited for your wedding? We’re here to break it down. 

Photography trends

Just like destination weddings, no photo is the same but you can add to the variety with one of these photography trends. Film photography is the latest “old school” tradition to return – and it’s a fantastic addition. Film cameras capture details that digital cameras may miss as they shoot at a higher resolution, and your photos will be ready quicker. Another popular trend we’re seeing couples integrate into their wedding is “blurred” images, particularly during the reception which can give a particularly unique and romantic perspective on wedding photos. More digitally savvy couples are opting for custom QR codes so guests can upload photos they have taken in real-time. Not only do you have immediate access to more photos but you can experience your wedding through your guests’ eyes. A beautiful perspective, if you ask us.

Film Photography

Blurred Photography

QR Codes instead of Hashtags

Style of photography

Let’s start off by discussing how the photo is taken, or technical style, to which there are three: candid, traditional, and editorial. Candid photos are usually action shots full of emotion, for example the real and raw reaction to a first look. This style is also referred to as photojournalism and many photographers describe the process as being a “fly on the wall.” Traditional wedding photos, on the other hand, may not be overly original but they will never be dated. The wedding photos of your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are the perfect example of traditional photography –standing in front of the camera smiling. If you’re not one for trends, this is the perfect style for you! Lastly, there’s editorial style, sometimes known as fine art photography. Think of magazine photography with a couple posing for the cover! This is often more choreographed but still results in a beautiful shot.

Candid Photography

Traditional Photography

Editorial Photography

Editing style

Changing image colors, contrast, and exposure, editing out the background, or photoshopping aspects of one photo onto another happens during the post-wedding photo editing stage. Specifically speaking to manipulating colors to achieve your ideal photo, popular styles we’re seeing elicit a dark and moody or light and airy feeling, or appear true to life. Dark and moody images use darker contrasts and shadows to evoke a dramatic emotional response, and these types of images can be considered more sensual than other editing styles. In contrast, light and airy photos are edited to eliminate shadows by increasing the brightness and aim to be breezy, ethereal, and almost otherworldly. True-to-life photographs are as they seem – colors are edited to be as close as possible to what they appear in reality.

Dark and Moody Editing style

Light and Airy Editing Style

From the camera itself to how you pose, and the final touches after the fact, it’s important to first have an understanding of what your photography wants and needs are so you can find the perfect wedding team who executes that vision beautifully. At the end of it all, it’s your day…so be picky.

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