Honeymoon Hotspot: Singita Ebony Lodge

Singita Ebony LodgeIf your dream honeymoon is equal parts luxury and adventure, then a South African safari could be just the trip you’ve always been waiting for. Look no further, we’ve found the perfect destination for you! Singita Ebony Lodge is a refreshingly unique property located on the Sand River in South Africa that offers a guest experience unlike any other with its safari design and lodge-style décor.
Singita Ebony LodgeSingita Ebony LodgeThis lodge is made up of 12 suites each with its own private plunge pool. Glass and canvas act as exterior walls to maximize views and create an authentic ‘tent-style’ nature feel. These exceptional accommodations are truly one-of-a-kind with an authentic ‘safari’ feel to enhance your stay.
Singita Ebony LodgeSingita Ebony LodgeThere is so much to do and see during your stay at Ebony Lodge – experience the once-in-a-lifetime adventure of a safari together as newlyweds! Track animals and experience them up close and personal in the wilderness on a guided safari walk, or be a part of a professionally guided game drive to experience a variety of wildlife up close in luxury land rovers – leopards, lions, rhinos, and elephants are just the start!
Singita Ebony LodgeOther activities include archery lessons to perfect your aim with a bow and arrow, mountain biking through the rugged surroundings, and stargazing into the crystal clear African skies. For a more low-key day, visit and explore the local villages surrounding the resort and interact with local residents to learn more about the culture and lifestyle.
Singita Ebony LodgeWe also don’t blame you if you want to spend time hanging around the exquisite resort – we strongly recommend checking out the premier wine boutique and setting aside some time to spend poolside or at the spa. Outdoor pavilion decks also provide the perfect hideaway to dine in the most relaxing atmosphere. These decks appear as if they are hanging from trees – need we say more about why this is one of our top picks for taking in the breathtaking surroundings!?
massagebikingSingita Ebony Lodge is sure to provide you with an extraordinary experience, ideal for an unforgettable Honeymoon!
Singita Ebony LodgeSingita Ebony LodgeSingita Ebony Lodge

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