Honeymoon Hotspot – Hotel La Semilla

Smaller boutique hotels with personal touches are becoming more and more popular for couples – especially those who want to enjoy their honeymoon in private luxury. The Hotel La Semilla is one of our new favourite Adults Only properties, located in Playa del Carmen, and the perfect spot to celebrate with your new spouse!

Hotel La Semilla was curated to showcase Mexican heritage and culture, with vintage Mexican furniture and art featured all over the property. Colourful mismatched pieces sourced from local artists and designers come into contrast with the seaside chic white walls, make everything feel both cozy and vibrant all at once. From lounge areas with antique furnishings to the Cocina Loft restaurant (which feels like you’re in a friends’ kitchen – especially when the owners of the hotel are there serving you breakfast!) there are beautiful scenic spots on the property to relax, lay back, and enjoy.

The property only has 9 rooms, with either king or queen-sized beds, so honeymooners will feel like they have the hotel all to themselves – a very different vibe than a large all-inclusive property. The Suite also has stunning and romantic outdoor bathtubs and showers, which are the stuff honeymoon fantasies are made of. Each room has its own unique flavour and design elements, great views, and of course privacy. With the gorgeous beaches of Playa Del Carmen just a quick walk or bike ride away, local flea markets nearby, and your new partner at your side, the Hotel La Semilla is the perfect place to start your married life together.

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