Honeymoon Hotspot – Cuixmala, Puerto Vallarta

Idyllic, secluded, and exotic, Cuixmala is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples looking for something luxurious as well as off-the-beaten path and unique. We love this resort, located on Mexico’s Costalegre, on the Pacific coast south of Puerto Vallarta.

Cuixmala was originally designed as a private getaway for wealthy British tycoon James Goldsmith and now operates as a lavish boutique hotel.  It is a favourite getaway for many high-profile celebrities.

We absolutely adore this property because of its meeting of two aesthetics – exquisite luxury and bohemian romance. Each building has a Moorish style as well as its own vibrant touches. The main building is located on top of a cliff facing the beautiful Pacific and is surrounded by a nature reserve that includes organic farms as well as herds of zebras, eland antelopes, and gazelles.

The hotel is surrounded by tennis courts, a soccer field, and numerous hiking and running trails through unspoiled nature. Some additional activities that can be enjoyed by guests are horseback riding, snorkelling, fishing, or enjoying yoga or a massage on the beach.

Another feature that we love is that Cuixmala is also home to a Marine Turtle Sanctuary and guests have the option of volunteering to help with the resorts Turtle Protection Program. There is also an exhibit about the sea turtles on the property. This is definitely a fun and educational activity for lovers of wildlife!

The accommodations at Cuixmala are perfect for a honeymoon couple. Guests can opt to stay in the main building, the Casa Cuixmala, or stay in private villas or casitas. The main building is also known as the palace, and each room has its own unique design.

The villas and bungalows offer even more seclusion and would be perfect for honeymoon couples wanting some privacy.  Each villa has its own style and has exquisite views of the ocean and surrounding lush scenery. Some of the larger villas even have their own private beaches!

The dining options at Cuixmala are distinctive thanks to everything being made from local and organic ingredients, most that are grown on the property itself! The restaurants blend authentic Mexican cuisine as well as food from other cultures. The master chefs prepare seasonal dishes based on the food that is harvested on the organic farm on the resort.

Cuixmala is definitely for honeymooners who are looking for something with some glamour as well as an opportunity to experience lush nature and truly relax, much needed after planning a wedding!

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