Honeymoon Destinations We Love for 2024

Your honeymoon is the cherry on top of an already momentous occasion, so blow it out of the water with a once-in-a-lifetime getaway to one of the world’s most desirable honeymoon destinations. That list in itself can be expansive depending on your travel style, making it even more challenging to narrow it down to just one with many important factors to consider.

It starts with what type of honeymoon experience you’re looking for, which leads into the conversation of budget, temperature, time of year (for weather and crowds), destination offerings, and even how long you’ll be travelling. If you’re looking for guidance or inspiration, read on to uncover a handful of unique honeymoon destinations for each season.

January to March Honeymoon Destinations

The colder months often bring more of a desire to escape to warmer climates, especially after celebrating a winter wedding (at home, anyway)! Check out these unique locales and activities that are guaranteed to wow:


Undoubtedly one of the most popular locations for luxury tropical honeymoons, the Maldives are comprised of more than one thousand islands of white-sand beaches, lush vegetation, and aquamarine waters. Not only is this an idyllic spot to escape the crowds, it also offers couples the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. Soak up the sun on the popular Hulhumale Beach or island hop, spot dolphins, swim with whale sharks, and more!


Famous for its impressive architecture and the Sahara Desert – the largest in the world – Morocco is a never-ending well of cultural experiences, adventure, and culinary delights, with no shortage of diversity. Travel to this African country requires a bit more planning, but with unbelievable cities like Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, and more, it’s worth it. Step out of your comfort zone and go camel trekking or hike the waterfalls at Cascades d’Ouzoud. Since it’s not peak travel time (busy season starts early April), you can explore the country without the crowds!

South Africa

With its breathtaking scenery, animal life, some the world’s most recognizable attractions like Table Mountain and Robben Island, and the iconic metropolis of Cape Town, South Africa is a must-see for many. Nature lovers can keep busy with deep sea diving, mountain climbing, and safaris, while others can lay on pristine beaches, learn of South Africa’s rich history in cultural hot spots, and visit the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Kruger National Park is also home to over 40,000 wildlife including elephants, buffalo, leopards, and lions!

Honorable Honeymoon Destinations:

Belize, New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

April to June Honeymoon Destinations

If you’re looking to jet off during non-peak travel times to get the most out of your days spent in paradise, we’ve got you covered with some great options for spring honeymoons:


Peru is the place for you if you’re in search of culture, history, and unbelievable experiences. Not only is this time of year ideal to visit, with rainy season nearly over and the region lighter on tourist activity, but there’s lots to explore. From climbing ancient Machu Picchu and the breathtaking Rainbow Mountains to trekking through the Amazon jungle, you’re sure to have an outstanding time crossing off multiple bucket-list moments on a honeymoon like no other.


We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anything like cherry blossom season in Japan. Aside from Japan’s indescribable beauty, your honeymoon itinerary is sure to fill up with all you can do here. From exploring its 2,000-year-old temples to drinking sake in Saijō, enjoying a multi-course kaiseki meal (a traditional style of Japanese cuisine composed of small dishes), and travelling through the country by bullet train, every experience is made better sharing it with your partner. Japan is also primed for experiencing head-to-toe wellness; Climb Mount Fuji, visit an Onsen bath (hot spring), and be present at every moment so you can take in your breathtaking surroundings for what they are.


Home to over 150 kilometers of soft white-sand beaches and the Indian Ocean’s crystal-clear waters, Mauritius offers loved-up couples the ultimate luxury paradise for relaxation and sightseeing off the eastern coast of Africa. Get all the sun, sand, and surf you want with plenty of beaches on the island or charter a boat to Île aux Cerfs where you can enjoy water sports, lounge beachside, or play a round of golf. Black River Gorges National Park is a fantastic area for adventurers, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and wildlife like the flying fox to discover!

Honorable Honeymoon Destinations:

Indonesia, Jordan, Oman, and Seychelles.

July to September Honeymoon Destinations

Although these months typically invite more tourists, they also promise fantastic weather and unlimited opportunities to witness the beauty of the following destinations:

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a collection of magnificent islands and private islets that are brought to life out of what seems like a fantasy, and where the culture is based on the philosophy of “aita pea pea”, or “not to worry”. That’s exactly how you’ll feel when you’re there – all worries washed away as you relax at your luxury hotel or overwater bungalow on Bora Bora, Tahiti, Mo’orea, and more, and look out at waters and lagoons that are truly out of this world. You’ll see plenty of brilliant coral reefs scuba diving and manta rays while snorkeling, and enjoy every moment together in this calm oasis!


Exploring a honeymoon that goes beyond sun and sand? In our books, Kenya is one of the top places to visit in the summer months if you both love Mother Nature because it coincides with the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra. If this is on your bucket list, stay close to the Kogatende area near the Serengeti and Mara Rivers, an area where most of the animals tend to travel through. Kenya is also the world’s best safari destination with its breathtaking landscapes and vast number of wildlife reserves, so if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway to kick off your happily ever after, this would definitely be it.


Like Kenya, Tanzania is a safari mecca, teeming with wildlife reserves and exotic animals like more than 280,000 elephants, buffalo, and rhinos found at Selous Game Reserve. Get a mix of all nature has to offer and incorporate some time at the beach, whether Pemba, Zanzibar (an Arabic-influenced and self-governing state) or Mafia, the latter home to many coral reefs, whale sharks, sea turtles, and more. The world-famous Mount Kilimanjaro is definitely a must-visit should you want to take your honeymoon to new heights!

Honorable Honeymoon Destinations:

Botswana, Canada, Fiji, Namibia, Turkey.

October to December Honeymoon Destinations

While most honeymooners tend to fly south this time of year, why not go somewhere you’ve never been before? The Philippines, Thailand, and India make for show-stopping honeymoon destinations during the fall and winter months:

The Philippines

7,000 islands offering with soft beaches, underground rivers, and rice terraces – that’s the Philippines. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and occasionally known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, the Batad Rice Terraces boast picturesque views, lush greenery, and hidden gems like Tappiya Falls and Awa View Deck. Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao beaches are famous for their white sands and turquoise waters, and if you’ve never tried the food in the Philippines, we recommend delicacies like lechon, sizzling sisig, or even pancit habhab. October is the perfect time to travel for its lower prices, fewer tourists, calmer waters, and it’s the end of rainy season!


The “land of smiles” is known for its superb diving spots, stunning beaches, and authentic street food with unlimited opportunities to discover exotic tropical beauty, ancient temples, and a thriving nightlife. A few highlights – Maya Beach on Koh Phi Phi is a beautiful spot for snorkelling and one of the more famous filming locations (fans of The Beach will know). Railay Beach in Krabi is appealing for its obvious attributes, plus rock climbing and caves and lagoons to explore. You can bathe nature’s most majestic creatures at Elephant Nature Park sanctuary or white-water raft in Chiang Mai, take a Muay Thai class together anywhere in Thailand, or soak up newlywed bliss from your own private villa!


Not only is India a must-see for its ancient art, culture, and diversity, but you’ll come across more than 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Explore impressive tombs, forts, museums, and towering temples, but no visit to India is complete without seeing the majesty that is the Taj Mahal itself. Beyond its amazing gastronomy and retail therapy of hand-crafted items, textiles, and spices (maybe the perfect honeymoon memento), India is also rich in illuminating landscapes, multiple beach destinations, waterfalls, and more for you to love.

Honorable Honeymoon Destinations:

Australia, Brazil, and Mexico.

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