Healthy Mexican Cooking Tips from Zoetry Resorts

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Really, I could eat endless tortilla chips and guacamole until I pass out in a food coma, but the truth is, many of my favourite Mexican dishes aren’t always complimentary to my waistline. This holds especially true for many brides to be who are on a strict “getting into shape” regimen prior to and during their destination wedding festivities.

So what’s a taco-loving gal to do? We looked to our friends at the Zoetry Wellness & Spa Resorts for tips on making Mexican dishes healthier. Part of the mandate at the Zoetry Resorts is to provide the best and freshest ingredients in their dishes so that guests enjoy healthy, delicious meals. Here are some ideas from the Wellness team at Zoetry on bringing some of your favorite Mexican dishes home, but healthier.

1) Add Spice, Do Away with Salt: Mexican food can often be high in sodium, but can easily be made healthier by using spices in your kitchen rather than prepacked seasoning. Popular Mexican seasonings include cumin, cayenne pepper, chili powder, oregano, pepper, cilantro and lime juice. Need an extra kick? Add hot green peppers to your dishes, they’re a great metabolism booster and add amazing flavor.

2) Opt for a Fish Taco: Fish tacos can be much healthier than beef tacos and fish is a terrific source of healthy omega 3 acids. You can use almost any fish in this dish, just be sure to boil or poach it to avoid unneeded calories. If you can’t stomach fish, try a lean chicken or ground turkey.

3) Add Veggies and Lots of Them: Believe it or not, vegetarian dishes are actually very authentic in the Mexican culture. By piling on veggies, you won’t even realize you’re missing the meat! Start with corn, shredded lettuce and chopped onions then add some yellow squash or zucchini and sweet red or green peppers. Finish with fresh tomatoes for extra taste and color, and you’ll have quite the delicious meal.

4) Use Whole Wheat Tortillas: A staple of Mexican food is the tortilla. However, these can often add calories to many dishes. As an alternative, use a whole wheat tortilla for your burritos, quesadillas or enchiladas.

5) Go Easy on the Toppings: It’s natural to want to add guacamole and sour cream to your dishes. And if you do, be frugal with it. Use just a tiny bit of guacamole and opt for low fat sour cream. Also, choose low fat white cheeses as opposed to yellow cheeses.

While dining at any of the Zoetry Wellness & Spa Resorts, you will have a large selection of light, heart-healthy and vegetarian selections.  Many of the resorts squeeze their own fruit juice daily and make their own ice-creams, sherbets, breads and pastries.  At the Paraiso de la Bonita, some of the specialty foods include cactus, pumpkin, chayote, vanilla pods, the Bougainvillea flower to name a few.

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