Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton goes Solar!

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton - Solar

We are always interested in the green initiatives hotels are taking. One of our favourites in Jamaica, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa has just opened the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Jamaica AND it is the largest facility with these characteristics in the hotel industry throughout the Caribbean. To all of us that have no idea what that means, the Grand Palladium has gone solar! Energy collected from the sun into its 6336 solar panels will save used to help lower the hotels energy consumption by 15% annually. They are even capable of withstanding category 4 hurricanes (not that we think of these in the wedding industry!!). Selecting the Lady Hamilton for your wedding now means that you are helping the environment by supporting a hotel that is making investments in our environments future – we love supporting these hotels and cannot wait for more to jump on board!

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