Fifty Shades of Pink & Red

MainAsk any wedding planner and they’ll tell you that there is no such thing as “just” red or pink. There is crimson, blush, merlot, magenta, scarlet, champagne and the list goes on and on.

5a3943e52cd4d$!900x 52b3490c94032$!900x 1 52f961a94c07c$!900x 2 53ebbdce5628b$!900x 54da57ead9354$!900x 55dca7de67c04$!900x56f98656181e8$!x900In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share with you some inspiration on how to incorporate various tones of pink and red – the two colors synonymous with this romantic holiday!

5660ca486a612$!x900 57aa44556b098$!900x 528a6d900387c$!900x 528e3f3845440$!900x 540cbb440fd94$!900x 542b5091520b5$!900x 543e7704ab27e$!900x 551add4f0a8c3$!900x 5372abee38e0e$!900x 3Someone once told us that pink and red clash, but just look at all this beauty! We think that couldn’t be further from the truth.

catherine_mead_new_195$!900x 5686fc33b324e$!x900 5733dcf2ae774$!x900 5761f81c213d7$!900x 54022c740634d$!900x 540785e3f1d2d$!900x 587693a43078a$!900x 556382130c8c9$!900x 55638228510ac$!900xHappy Valentine’s Day dear readers! We hope no matter how you’re celebrating, or who you’re celebrating with, that this special day is full of love.

All images sourced from Style Me Pretty 

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