Engagement Photos

Engagement photos don’t have to be “typical” or taken months before your wedding. As destination weddings tend to throw the traditional aspects of weddings out the window, why not do what you want with your photos?

Schedule a fun shoot with your photographer before your wedding in a fabulous locale close to where you will be wed. Think Old Havana for some Cuban flavour, or historic Willemstad in Curacao for gorgeous stucco buildings as contrasting background shots. What about fun beach poses in a cute sundress or bikini (guys not in a dress or bikini, of course)? Or the Mayan Ruins in Mexico? One LUXE couple went into a hidden cenote to take some spectacular shots with their mirror reflections appearing in the green water. Just be as creative as possible.

You will always cherish having great photos of you that are not in wedding gear. I mean, how often do you get professional photos taken of you? Photos are always one of the most important aspects of the entire wedding and worth the investment. Savour this experience!

All of these photos were taken by Mimmo+Naz.

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