Do’s & Don’ts for Wedding Social Media

Title Page - Social MediaIn the age of cell phones with incredible cameras, it’s hard to put your phone away for even a second when an exciting event happens. We’re programmed to want to document everything, but on your wedding day (the most special day of your life!), what are the rules of using your favorite apps to share your most intimate moments? Check out our 10 dos and don’ts for using social media on your wedding day!


  • Do have a personal wedding hashtag. This is a great way for you and your partner to view the behind the scenes and raw photos that your friends and family captured on the big day! Plus, it’s bound to be hilarious trying to think of a catchy rhyme or pun that involves you and your partner’s names.
  • Do take the time to create a custom Snapchat filter. This app is amazing for sharing special moments, and with your own geofilter you can let all of your followers know that it’s your special day. You can even create more than one geofilter with different phrases, photos, and bitmojis! Try adding distinctive details such as your wedding date, your new married name, or the city where you met.
  • Do hire a social media professional. If you’re a bit lost when it comes to social media, but you know you want to share the details with your friends and family online, hire someone to keep your posts strategic, timed, and clean.
  • Do ask your friends and family to unplug during the ceremony. Our generation loves to snap away, but on this day it’s better to be present and take in the romance in real time. You can ask your guests to keep their phones off until you’re done saying “I do”. Photos can be taken of that incredible moment when you finally walk down the aisle as a married couple.
  • Do consider live streaming or using Facebook live for those who cannot attend the wedding. This isn’t for everyone, but if your Grandma or BFF isn’t there, this might be an easy and fun way to include these guests and make them feel special.


  • Don’t use flash. If the wedding couple has approved the use of cell phones during the ceremony, make sure you’re taking all of the precautions to not distract the happy couple during their time in the spotlight.
  • Don’t over-share. If you’re a guest, make sure that you check in with the wedding couple before sharing a photo or video that may be NSFW. Think twice before posting embarrassing photos or videos that you wouldn’t want your mom to see (because let’s face it, we know she’s got an Instagram and Facebook account).
  • Don’t spoil any exciting surprises. If you’re a hands-on bride who is doing lots of DIY, don’t jump the gun by posting décor and floral details on social media too early.
  • Don’t ruin the photographers shot. We know it’s tough when you want to get the best angle for your Instagram page, but the wedding couple has paid top dollar to hire a professional, so be extra careful not to get in their way or stand too close behind the photographer while taking your personal pics.
  • Don’t be “that guy”. The open bar is calling and it’s definitely a time to celebrate, but if you see the wedding couple taking photos and having a private moment, try not to jump in and photo bomb them! Although this may seem like a great idea at the time (and would make for a funny post on your social media page), you could potentially ruin a special moment that could have been eternalized on film. Your big hug for the newlywed couple can wait!


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