DIY Banner a la Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Weddings has some amazing DIY templates for brides looking to add a personal flare to their wedding day. From banners to message flags, her website has over 15 templates for different ceremony and reception decor items. One of our favourites, and would be perfect to hang at your destination wedding reception, are her Patterned Flags! Incorporate your favourite patterns, colours, materials and even quotes to create a very unique way to brighten up any location. Here are the details on how to create your own Banner of Flags right from the queen of DIY!

Tools and Materials Required

Cutting board
Metal straightedge
Craft knife (with spare blades)
1/8-inch hole punch
1/8-inch-wide ribbon
Gel pen or marker


Banner How-To

To cut the triangular flags:
First cut the paper in half (mark at 6 inches along left and right sides, and cut across). For each set of triangles, measure along the top edge, marking at 2 inches, then 4 inches, and another 4 inches; on the bottom edge, mark at 4 inches and then 4 inches. Cut between marks to make triangles.

Alternative method: Print our flag template, and cut out. Cut paper in half, and then lay strips face down on a cutting surface. Lay the template on the wrong side of the paper, and mark the corners. Then cut.

To assemble the banner: Punch a hole at each top corner of every flag, and thread the ribbon through. Hang banner.

We’d love to see your creation or hear about your latest DIY craft. Leave us a message below OR post a photo of it to our Facebook page!

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