Destination Wedding Flowers

When thinking about your bouquet, stop and consider flowers local to your destination. Not only is this a very organic approach to your wedding—and these days everyone wants to be a little bit more environmentally conscious with their destination-wedding footprint—but also a great way of supporting the local economy and the natural beauty of your destination.

LUXE Destination Weddings

Discerning couples have scoffed at the suggestion of local flowers because they picture terribly traditional or dated posies. But if you use your imagination, there are gorgeous ways of arranging such flowers in a way that will give you local flair and a unique edge.

Here are a few quick suggestions:

  • Stick with only one or two types of blooms per bouquet so it doesn’t look too busy.
  • Use lots of greenery—there are so many unique tropical leaves and plants that will enhance a bouquet.
  • Consider bunching pink or red (or both) ginger lilies together with a few small orchids for an extremely modern, chic bouquet.

Going local also costs a lot less than importing flowers. Did you know that certain strains of dendrobium orchid grow wild and abundant in many Caribbean islands? Those are the same orchids that cost a fortune in your hometown! Um, did everyone hear that? Orchids are local and readily available!

Whatever you decide on flowers, have fun with it and be creative!

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