Cuba – A Destination Wedding Beachy Love Affair

Memories Flamenco - BeachWhen it comes to planning a destination wedding, step one is often deciding on the perfect location for both you and your guests travelling to share your special day with you. Lots of factors come into play when choosing a location, so we thought we’d help you out by narrowing down some important ones below. Here are our top 3 reasons to choose Cuba for your destination wedding…
Memories Flamenco - Picnic Tables with Beach View3. The amazing and friendly staff
A lot of what completes your experience at a resort is the service from the onsite staff. It’s no secret that the Memories chain of resorts in Cuba has amazing and friendly people on hand to take your wedding vacation from great to extraordinary, assisting with every last detail.

Memories Flamenco - Waterfront Deck2. Affordability
When planning a destination wedding, a common concern we receive from the bride and groom is wanting to be cost-conscious for their guests. This can be the perfect opportunity for a getaway with your closest family and friends to enjoy a vacation, however it can also end up being quite expensive. Cuba is a great location that provides you with a warm tropical setting and beautiful beaches and scenery, while remaining on the more affordable side for both the wedding packages and travel.  

Memories Flamenco - Beach 21. Beaches!
We can’t say it enough…the beaches in Cuba are absolutely spectacular! Immaculate white sandy beaches are surrounded by warm turquoise waters, ideal for those looking to exchange their vows with their toes in the sand!

Memories Flamenco - Waterfront Deck 2We personally love all of the Memories properties in Cuba, however one in particular that we recommend is Memories Flamenco. Located in Cayo Coco, this resort is picture-perfect, and checks off all of our must-haves for a memorable destination wedding (mostly the beach is spectacular!!)!
Memories Flamenco - Beach 3

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