Create the Ultimate Destination Wedding Gift Bag

From the beaches in Antigua and Mexico, to the cliffs in Negril, Jamaica, the Caribbean is one of the most popular spots for a destination wedding.  But how can you help your guests adjust and ensure they’re well prepared?  Have a welcome gift bag with everything they’ll need for a Caribbean wedding.

Start with accessories.  If you’re using a beach for a ceremony, some of the women may question what footwear they should wear.  To help prevent questions and let everyone feel comfortable, these personalized flip flops are a great item for the bag or in baskets as people enter the ceremony space. Click on the photos to be taken directly to an order page if you like these ideas… making it easy for you!
Embossed Flip FlopsBeing in the sun can be harsh on your guests.  By using these fun sunglasses and providing them with personalized sunscreen, you’ll not only let them have some props for a fun photo while they wait for the ceremony to begin, but they’ll be thankful for the protection from the sun.

Personalized Sunglasses

Personalized SunscreenIf you’re having a mid-day ceremony outdoors, you’ll want your guests to stay hydrated and cool.  A personalized bottle of water and hand fan is the perfect things to pack here.  If you don’t want to ship the bottled water to the island, you can always pre-make some labels with your monogram and wedding colors then place them on the bottles prior to the ceremony.

Wood Panel Hand FanPersonalized Drink LabelsBeing in the sun all day can be amazing, but it can also wear you out.  By placing these fun beach themed personalized cookies on each chair or in the gift bag, your guests can have a burst of energy to keep them ready to party through the ceremony and into the reception.

Wedding Themed CookiesIf you want to add a very fun twist and some added sun blocking for your guests, placing a few of these paper parasols by the gift bags will help them to stay cool while they watch the ceremony.

Paper ParasolsInstead of rice which can attract sea birds or confetti that litters the beaches, you’ll want something eco-friendly to ensure you leave the Caribbean as pristine as you found it.  That’s why these eco-friendly wedding poppers are the perfect alternative to have your guests set off as you walk through the aisle as a married couple.

Eco Friendly Confetti Poppers
Your destination wedding is one everyone will love.  Preparing ahead of time with a gift bag full of products to help your guests enjoy themselves makes it even better.  Remember click any of the images above and you’ll find our partner store to purchase all of these and more.

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