Known for the exceptional hospitality and service offered by the Aruban people, this modern island encompasses some of the cleanest beaches, desert landscapes, historical caves and ruins, as well as breathtaking hilltops. 75 sq. miles in size and with a population of 112,000 residents, the natural beauty of Aruba is nothing short of warm and welcoming.

Those who prefer to relax may do so on any of Aruba’s beautiful beaches, each offer different activities to partake in, providing something for everyone. The calm, crystalline waters and white powdery sand present a magical, sun-kissed retreat to this Caribbean getaway. After enjoying the brilliant sunset, Aruba’s urban entertainment grants a nightlife atmosphere that is charged with excitement.

When exploring Aruba, discover some of the island’s unique attractions and sites such as the mysterious caves, gold mine ruins, the Aloe Vera farms, and natural rock bridges. These diverse landscapes and unique panoramas propose magical settings for special milestones. This island is a fabulous choice for those looking to get married. From a hilltop chapel, to a calm beach, or on a romantic catamaran, this island retreat awaits!

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