Alternative Options for Flower Girls

Feel like doing something out of the ordinary for your wedding? Traditions are changing and people tend to be choosing different routes for their special day. Be bold and do something unique! Here are some idea’s to get you started on unique flower girl ideas!


Carrying signs is a perfect way to show off your creativity. Something handmade or store bought it will make a lovely keepsake in your home. It’s unexpected and guests will love this idea. Phrases can include anything from “ Here Comes The Bride”, “Wait till’ you see her!” to “And they lived happily ever after”. The beauty of this project is that you can write anything you like!



Flower girls will love the freedom of twirling around ribbons while walking down the aisle, not to mention it will also look adorable. You can take the extra step by decorating and making it a fun project, bonding time with the soon to be flower girl. This method is great if you are looking to include more color into your day. If you don’t want petals everywhere this option may be most suitable for you!



Having an outdoor wedding? Try having your flower girl prance down the aisle with a pinwheel, the breeze will work wonders with this prop. It will make a beautiful keepsake for your flower girl also. You can mismatch patterns that match specifically to the flower girl or incorporate your wedding colors.



The flower girl is a precious sight to see sauntering down the aisle. Everything from her dress, hair and down to the accessories, so why not keep it simple? Have her deliver a love note to the anxious groom. Love notes are becoming increasingly popular these days. You can choose this option if you are looking for something a little more effortless.



Any flower girl is going to ecstatic for the opportunity to carry balloons. You can again choose colors to match your theme. This idea will not only entertain your little one, but look extra unique on your special day. An outdoor Summer wedding would work best with this option! Pops of color ad happy flower girl!


  1. Kelly Amado says:

    Thanks for sharing! I was just thinking about these a couple days ago. 🙂 The signs are a nice option for the ringbearer too!

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