A Love Note from a Luxe Client!

Sometimes it’s ok to “toot our own horn” over here – particularly when we receive a heartfelt note from a client. So without further ado, here’s a wonderful testimonial that we wanted to shout off a rooftop!

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To Whom It May Concern:

When my husband and I decided upon a destination wedding I was confident I could pull it off myself.  I have a background in personal assistance and event planning.  I love entertaining and can throw a great party.  Surely, I could plan my own wedding.  I was shocked to find the process too overwhelming for me to handle.  I was ill prepared for what is required when orchestrating a successful destination wedding.  It is because of Laura that I made it through those whirlwind months leading up to November 1, 2013.  It is also because of Laura that I fondly recall all of the planning and, more importantly, I look back with utter delight and happiness at our spectacular day.

It takes – among other things – expertise, promptness, attention to detail, professionalism, a well-curated eye, and superior customer service to do what she does and make it all seem so effortless.  It is a rare talent and one I hope is not only recognized but praised by her colleagues.  As a bride, there are not enough complimentary things I can say about Laura and all she did to help my on my journey to Mexico.

I transitioned to the ever capable and lovely Laura after having been assigned a couple of wedding consultants who either left the company or were promoted to another position.  It is difficult enough to hold a brides hand through this process but even more so to come in once it has already begun let alone, as in my case with Laura, prompted by a minor “crisis.”  I was trepidatious to say the least.

Laura assisted me with a religious ceremony complication once our venue and date had already been confirmed.  My consultant was away and Laura took over in her absence.  I still recall that very first email exchange.  It is a study in confidence and compassion on her part.  I knew straight away that I had nothing to fear and that Laura was, by some divine intervention, the perfect person for the job.

How did I know this?  Well, it is simple.  She is exactly what I would have asked for if I could have dreamt up my own destination wedding consultant.  Each response, suggestion, and action was tailored specifically to me. I was never a faceless name or just another client.  I truly felt as if Laura and I had a connection and I was able to place in her something that does not come easily … my complete and utter trust.

Along the way, she became a calming and reassuring presence. Her ability to hold my hand through the inevitable ups and downs of planning a wedding is a true gift and not something that everyone posses.  When Laura told me not to worry, that everything would work out, I honestly and truly believed her.

While she made it seem like pure magic, I know that Laura worked diligently and ceaselessly on my behalf with vendors, contacts, hotel staff, local officials, liaisons, et al.  She was able to wear many hats and juggle a multitude of tasks while remaining organized and productive.  I cannot comprehend the magnitude of work she did behind the scenes but a testament to her dedication is that I had to do very little but show up in Mexico to the wedding of my dreams.  Everything really did work out … spectacularly.

Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with because she made an inherently stressful and difficult process a complete ease and delight. Every detail and request was treated with care and charm.  She never made me feel as though I asked too much or too often.  She was graceful under pressure and frequently expressed how happy she was to be able to help.  She was patient, informative, efficient, and most of all she was truly excited for us.  In short, she was my guardian angel throughout the entire process and beyond.

I, like many others, was a demanding bride.  My expectations were very high and I can be extremely critical.  As a rule, I don’t easily hand the reins over to someone else, especially for something this important.  However, I had something that most other brides do not.  I had Laura.  If there is one piece of advice I could give to any new bride it would be seek out the skill and talent of Laura and her team at LUXE Destination Weddings.  She was, quite literally, perfect.


Valerie D’Agostino

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