8 Ways to De-stress for Soon-to-be Brides!

Whether your dress fitting didn’t go so well, your soon-to-be mother in law is asking (for the millionth time) who will be sitting at her table, or the best man decided to plan the bachelor party the night before the wedding, every bride is in need of a de-stress! Here are a few of the ways that we recommend you work off that anxiety pre (and even post!) wedding.

1. Attend a Dance Class
Take uplifting dance classes like Zumba or even pole dancing with a group of girl friends. Zumba is a great way to maintain regular exercise and to stay in shape for your beautiful wedding dress. If you’re looking to blast calories, pole dancing will help you tone those legs, butts and abs. It’ll be hard work, but it’ll be worth the results. Find a class that will help you de-stress and lose weight while having a good time!

2. Get Pampered at a Spa
After all the months of planning, you deserve some special treatment. Go for a massage to ease those muscles, a hydrating manicure, or a facial that will not only soothe away your stress but also keep your skin radiant and plump! Go for a treatment that you’ve never tried before!

3. Do Yoga
Yoga classes are filled with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. It will not only help you center yourself and clear your mind, but will also flush out toxins, relief muscle tension, and assist with good posture. Yoga will allow you to be more mindful and aware of your emotions which will be beneficial when dealing with stressful situations.

4. Go for a Run
Hit up the gym or head outside for a run! Exercise will help your body produce those feel-good endorphins therefore has positive emotional and psychological effects. Running is a great way to clear your mind and gives you a good cardio workout.

5. Eat Healthy
Make sure you’re getting your fruits and vegetables, and eat small balanced meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar in check. Eat foods like bananas, oats, soy, milk, and nuts which contain tryptophan – helping your brain produce chemicals that calm you. Avoid caffeine which will dehydrate you, but drink plenty of water which will prevent fatigue and make your skin glow!

6. Walk in the Park
Take a breather and go out for some fresh air! Leave the phone aside and take this opportunity to get away from the chaos. Whether it is around your neighbourhood or a park, being surrounded by greenery is an instant stress-reliever and will leave you feeling energized!

7. Laugh Out Loud
Take some time off and schedule a night with your fiancé or friends to watch a funny movie. Remember not to hold your laughter in! Having a good laugh will free you from feeling bogged down by planning those wedding details. Endorphins are released by your brain when you laugh which will aid muscle relaxation and stress reduction!

8. Take a Bubble Bath
Relax in a nice hot bath that will help restore your energy and leave you feeling refreshed! Try adding bath salts that will help loosen your muscles and moisturize your skin. For optimal stress relief, light up lavender or chamomile scented candles that have a calming effect.



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