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Behind Bridal Party

Squad Goals

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It goes without saying that on the wedding day, all eyes are on the bride. And what’s the best accessory to complete her look? A well-dressed squad of course! When it comes to picking out dresses for your bridal party, there are lots of things to consider. What length, what colour, what material – the options are endless! One trend we are seeing a lot of these days is “mismatched” bridesmaid Read More »

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Unconventional Bridesmaids Dress Ideas

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Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses can be a challenging task. Many brides are now finding bridesmaid dresses that can better fit their dream wedding and show off their creativity. If you are trying to stay away from traditional bridesmaid dresses and go for something more unique and unconventional, here are some ideas we have for you! Floral Prints: Bold, floral prints are becoming increasingly Read More »

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