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Gordon b. Hinckley

"Love is meant to be an adventure"

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travel account manager


Bucket list destination: Australia
Can’t travel without: My camera.
Best travel advice: Purchase Insurance…Anything can happen before or during your Trip. Be Safe not Sorry 
Favourite cocktail: Pina Colada
Favourite cuisine: Italian
Favourite animal: dog

Bucket list destination: Machu Picchu, Peru
Just got back from: Joshua Tree, California
Can’t travel without: My favourite photographer.
Best travel advice: Adventure is out there; go find it!
Must have carry on item: Kindle/Book
Favourite cocktail: Cuba Libre

travel supervisor & trainer


travel account manager


Bucket list destination: Europe, South Asia
Just got back from: Mexico
Can’t travel without: Camera and some cash
Favourite cocktail: Classic Mojito (non-alcoholic)
Must have carry-on item: electric converter
Favourite animal: Dolphin
Favourite destination for weddings: Planet Hollywood Cancun 

Bucket list destination: Greece and Italy
Can’t travel without: Sunglasses
Favourite cocktail: Vodka, water and bar lime
Favourite cuisine: Italian
Must have carry-on item: Magazines
Favourite animal: Dog Lover!

travel team lead


travel account manager


Bucket list destination: Maldives
Can’t travel without: Lots of excitment
Best travel advice: Live, laugh, love to travel & learn from new adventures and cultures.
Favourite destination for weddings: Turks & Caicos - it's fabulous!
Three words to describe you: loyal, friendly & confident

Bucket list destination: Antarctica…a little unusual but that is the point!
Best travel advise: Be early! Better to be waiting around relaxing than being stressed out & rushing!
Favourite cocktail/drink: Depends…for example…in the Caribbean a Mojito … in Europe: the local beer.
Favourite cuisine: Italian
Favourite destination for Weddings: Mexico

travel account manager


Just got back from: Jamaica
Best travel advice: Just do it!
Favourite cocktail: Kamikaze
Favourite cuisine: Jerk chicken
Must have carry-on item: Headphones

travel account manager


Bucket list destination: Alaska
Just got back from: Maldives
Can't travel without: My Camera
Best travel advice: Wherever you are, be all there
Favourite cuisine: Thai
Reason I do what I do: Because I love collecting smiles, and travel is the best job to earn it.
Must have carry on item: All you need is a credit card and passport.

destination wedding specialist




Bucket list destination: Wadi Rum, Jordan
Just got back from: Colombia
Can’t travel without: My camera
Best travel advice: Travel somewhere you have never been every year!
Favourite cocktail: Spicy Pineapple Margarita

Can't travel without: Sunscreen
Best travel advise: Take in the beauty of nature in every sense, for at least 10 minutes, before taking a picture.
Currently reading: The Milky Way: An Autobiography of our Galaxy
Bucket list destination: New Zealand, Portugal, Easter Island (Chile)
Favourite cocktail: Mojito
Favourite animal: Squirrel Monkeys

wedding planners

sales representatives

senior sales representative


sales representative


Bucket list destination: Japan, Egypt, Morocco, Pacific Islands or Iceland
Just got back from: Antigua
Can’t travel without: My passport!
Best travel advice: Travel coverage, don't leave home without it!
Favourite cocktail: Amaretto Sour, Negroni or gin & tonic
Reason I do what I do: Travel is a passion, any opportunity to open up the world to have one see something different or experience something new is what I cherish most.

Bucket list destination: Kenya
Just got back from: Calgary
Can’t travel without: Moisturizer
Best travel advice: Always be early!
Must have carry-on item: Blanket

travel account managers

sales representative


Bucket list destination: Greece
Just got back from: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Can’t travel without: Books! (My kindle)
Favourite cocktail: Miami Vice
Must have carry-on item: Gum!

travel account manager


Bucket list destination: Portugal, Greece and Egypt.
Can’t travel without: Water bottle and a book
Best travel advice: Use a travel wallet when travelling as a family for easy access.
Favourite cocktail: Sangria
Favourite destination for weddings: Jamaica
Currently reading: The double life of Fidel Castro

travel account manager


Bucket list destination: Africa
Just got back from: Thailand
Can't travel without: iPhone, selfie stick and remote tripod
Best travel advice: Not all classrooms have four walls
Favourite cocktail: Frozen watermelon margarita
Reason I do what I do: My love of travel
Favourite animal: Elephant
Currently reading: Best Vacation Ever by Jessica Cunsolo

travel account manager


Bucket list destination: Maldives
Just got back from: Bahamas
Can’t travel without: My family.
Best travel advice: For couples, go to a destination that you both haven’t travelled so you can build new memories together. 
Favourite cocktail: Aperol spritz
Favourite animal: My poodle, Molly!

director of wedding services 


Bucket list destination: A toss up between Iceland & Greece!
Favourite cocktail: Paloma
Favourite cuisine: Greek
Must have carry on item: an abundance of snacks (sour gummies of some kind!)
Favourite animal: Lion


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