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Debunking The Biggest Destination Wedding Myths with Weddingbells

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Check out our latest tips on “Debunking the Biggest Destination Wedding Myths” with our fave magazine, Weddingbells. So grateful to be working with their amazing team led by Alison McGill. Here they are… (link to the article to read more) 1. You’ll need to splurge on flowers and decor to make your wedding venue look good… 2. Figuring out transportation for your guests Read More »

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Weddingbells Feature – Destination Wedding Hotspots for 2017

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We are thrilled to once again be featured by Weddingbells! This time we’re sharing our top 5 hotspots of 2017 for a destination wedding. Make sure you check it out!

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Weddingbells and LUXE

Weddingbells Feature

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We were pleased to be featured in Weddingbells recently! Take a look….

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Weddingbells features Ceci’s Exclusive Toronto Design

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Pick up the latest copy of Weddingbells magazine to see the latest Ceci for LUXE Toronto skyline invitation. Ceci designed this full set of invitations specifically for Toronto clients, so come on by the space and take a look for yourself. The beauty of these invitations, and all of Ceci’s work, is that the colours and fonts are so interchangeable that you can really take one of her existing Read More »

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The start of a beautiful thing…

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Well it’s about time that LUXE is hosting it’s own blog (that’s what many of you have been thinking, and some people have just come out and said it). Yes, it’s been a long time coming, and we have so many great weddings to showcase, great vendors to introduce, and so much insight to share regarding the world of destination weddings. And as “they” say (and we don’t Read More »

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