The ease of travel and wide array of experiences are making Panama one of the most attractive emerging tourism destinations in the world. In just one week, visitors can enjoy two different oceans, experience the mountains and rainforest, learn about native cultures and take advantage of vibrant urban life. The capital, Panama City, is a modern, sophisticated metropolis that resembles Miami and has established commerce, arts, fashion and dining. LUXE Destination Weddings recommends a Panama Destination Wedding as a spectacular, magical getaway.

The indigenous meaning of the country’s name, “abundance of fish”, reflects Panama’s reputation as a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and eco-tourists alike. As the isthmus connecting two massive continents, Panama’s flora and fauna is incredibly diverse. For example, Panama was recently named the country with the most bird species in the world; over 900. Panama’s many indigenous tribes are still thriving, living in the same ancient manner as their ancestors, making its cultural fabric exceptionally rich.

Indulge in the many attractions Panama has to offer, including zip-lining across the jungle, touring the infamous Panama Canal port to cargo from all over the world, white water rafting, romantic tours and much, much more. LUXE Destination Weddings knows that you will not be disappointed with your time spent in Panama, and that it is a perfect choice for those that want to continue their travels in Central or South America after their wedding day.

Considering Panama is a peninsula joining Central and South America, it allows for white and dark sand beaches on either the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. With plenty of opportunity to discover in this upcoming tourist destination, consider Panama as the international wonder awaiting your arrival. For more information on hosting a Panama Destination Wedding, browse our collections and feel free to reach out to us at 1.888.589.3933 or

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