Costa Rica

Costa Rica has quickly become one the most popular destination wedding locations. It extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and is well-known as an Eco-Tourism destination, filled with natural beauty,= and peaceful people. A Costa Rica destination wedding is the perfect place to do so.

If you travel throughout the provinces of this exotic destination, it’s easy to notice that in no other place you shall find fields with so many variations in their landscape and climate as in Costa Rica. It is one of most highly valued tourist destinations on the planet. This small piece of land includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of travelers visiting each year.

Offering an attractive tourist destination of limitless possibilities, that include extensive rainforests, volcanoes, rivers traveling through the mountains, beaches and natural resources safeguarded by an important organization of national parks and forest reserves. There are specific spots in Costa Rica where the exuberance of natural wildlife and visitors become one and where the water exemplifies a mirror reflecting the lush foliage all around.

Feel the passion and romance hidden in the striking sunsets while you walk along the marvelously soft sand. Costa Rica’s natural beauty will always be part of the memories you will remember for a lifetime. For more information on hosting a Costa Rica Destination Wedding, browse our collections and feel free to reach out to us at 1.888.589.3933 or

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