Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two gorgeous Caribbean islands that form one official country located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Puerto Rico, and off the coast of South America. If you are considering an Antigua Destination Wedding, think impressive beaches, a winding coastline, scenic cliffs, eroded coral rock formations and reefs as inspiration for your dream destination wedding setting. Its tropical marine climate and energetic island culture presents the ultimate and sought after location for a wedding and honeymoon.

Antigua and Barbuda have a long nautical history, which attracts a yachting crowd, as well as many celebrities. Enveloped by high-end resorts, the surrounding seas provide peace and tranquility with some of the finest white sand beaches amid a contrast of azure waters. Choose any of the secluded beaches to retreat to, because wherever you end up, you are guaranteed to feel like royalty while enjoying your afternoon under the sun.

While exploring the harbour, you will see the sights of candy-coloured villages (a perfect backdrop for wedding photographs), be charmed by the liveliest steel-drum music (musicians that could rock out at your ceremony and reception), and indulge in traditional West-Indian cuisine (make sure to go out of your comfort zone). Everything about this exotic island grants a chic retreat one will never, ever forget. If you are looking to have an extravagant destination wedding and woo your guests, LUXE Destination Weddings suggests Antigua and Barbuda as the location for you. For more information on hosting an Antigua Destination Wedding, browse our collections and feel free to reach out to us at 1.888.589.3933 or
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