“Our wedding planner was absolutely AMAZING. We can’t express how much she helped through this process and helped support us from start to finish. She managed all the details, provided us lots of options, and kept us on track with her planning updates and detailed budgets.
We know how difficult working with vendors from afar and managing a bride’s expectations is but she made the experience an enjoyable one! When we arrived in Barbados, all of the details were taken care of and we simply had to relax, and be on time. I would highly recommend your services to anyone having a destination wedding. LUXE made our destination wedding”
Brittany and Chris

“Upon exploring the possibility of having a destination wedding I quickly became overwhelmed.  Finding LUXE Destination Weddings was my saving grace.  I absolutely could not have done this without their expertise, attention to detail, professionalism, and superior customer service.  Working with Mandy to finding a location and secure accommodations and transportation alleviated an immense amount of pressure on my end.  She made the entire process as fun as planning a vacation.  
Once I transitioned to the ever capable and lovely Laura I began to think this was too good to be true.  Not only is Laura an absolute pleasure to work with, she made me feel as though I was the only bride in the world.  She was patient, informative, efficient, and most of all she was truly excited for us.  Every detail and request was treated with care and charm.  Laura was my guardian angel throughout the entire process and beyond.   The best decision we made in planning our wedding was choosing LUXE Destination Weddings.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Valerie and Thomas

“We’re back and rested. It truly feels like we woke up from a dream. It was all so perfect and happened so fast! Thank you LUXE Destination Weddings from the bottom of our little married hearts for all that you’ve done for us. Your hard work, pleasant customer service, friendly voices and expertise is what made this big dream of our come true. We promised our friends and family that we would thank you on their behalf as well, we had the time of our lives!
The whole process was seamless and stress-free, and we will recommend your services to anyone, any day!
Ana and Jean

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful e-mail. We were both so happy to hear from you and to be honest, it sucks that we have no reason to stay in touch with you now. I cannot even tell you what an unbelievable experience this was from start to finish. Our guests were so relaxed and excited and that was because the lead up and working with you was so stress free.
Once we arrived in Mexico, we had not a care in the world and everything was communicated to the resort and to her to perfection and executed the same way!
The day was absolutely magical, we had such a relaxing day and were so thankful to have the wedding early on in the week. The ceremony and receptions were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined – I thought it would be nice but it blew our minds! Everyone was in awe!
Thanks again LUXE for your e-mail and for everything…We will see you soon!”
Jen and Viktor

“We are home! We had the most amazing time and are both feeling sad that it is all over. When we arrived we were treated exceptionally. They were very good to us, thanks to you. The wedding was a dream come true. Everything was perfect and the staff at the resort was amazing!! I’ve already heard, from more than one of our guests, that it was the best wedding they have ever attended! I can’t tell you how perfect the day was, it was the best day of our lives! The rest of our vacation was fantastic, how could it not be?? We had 50 of the most amazing people with us, and they truly made our trip something to remember.

We want to thank both of you and LUXE Destination Weddings so much for everything you helped us with. I know I could not have done it without you. You both have a special place in my heart. XOXO”
Melanie and Chris


“We are back, tanned and fully wed 🙂  We’d like to thank you soooooo much for helping us pull off a perfect wedding and vacation. We had such a great time with our family and friends and couldn’t have done it without your friendly, professional expertise! Thanks again for answering our million and one questions – you helped put us at ease before our big week. All of the contracts and details really helped out on site as well. As a whole, everything was PERFECT! Again, thank you for being so fabulous ladies at LUXE 🙂 Hopefully we can meet again in the near future.”
Solmaz and Nick

“I’m so happy that we decided to hire LUXE Destination Weddings to help coordinate the wedding.  I couldn’t be any happier with the information I was given when speaking with you; I learned more in 30 minutes than I found alone in 2 months of searching!!!  I can’t wait to see which resorts you’ve found and recommend. The anticipation has made it something to look forward to this afternoon.  I hope you’re having a great week and are able to have an equally great weekend.”
Jessica B