Travel Tidbits: Heathrow is Selling Picnics to Go

Health food for planes

Passengers travelling through London Heathrow Airport will have the opportunity to take off with a picnic lunch purchased from any of the hub’s 118 food outlets in what it says is a world first for an airport. We say, when is this coming to major airports in North America? As most frequent fliers can agree, airport food isn’t always the healthiest or associated with a high end moniker. So enter some British names like Caviar House & Prunier and Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food.

For those not into haute cuisine, passengers may just opt for more conventional fare like pasta, pizza or even fish and chips. Heathrow polled it’s passengers in  its search for the perfect onboard dining experience and the results show that Italian cuisine was the most requested, followed by standard British fare like bangers and mash, and curry (I wonder what would rate highest here?). Burritos, noodles and burgers also featured highly in the mix among sushi and paella.

To celebrate the initiative, Heathrow has this week set up a sensory park pod in Terminal 2 to bring elements of London’s parks to the airport. From the smell of freshly cut grass to the sound of birds chirping in the trees, the pods will feature “the best that London’s parks have to offer”. We suggest New York and Toronto start as the testers on this side of the pond.

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