The majesty of Honduras captures you from the breathtaking sunsets in Roatan, to the misty green mountains of Pico Bonito, Honduras is a vibrant wonderland, full of adventure and breathtaking beauty. It is the centerpiece of Central America. And you will be as awed by the splendor of its land as the warmth of its people. Discover all the reasons Honduras is the Central America country you’ll love.

Visit its beautiful colonial villages, ancient Copan ruins, the beautiful Pacific Caribbean coastline, the Bay Islands, with great beaches and coral reefs where snorkeling and diving are exceptional by any standard. Laid-back, low-profile Honduras is one of Central America’s largely unknown tourist destinations. A recent proliferation of domestic flights has opened up the Bay Islands and the major cities of La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. This remote country is privileged to have an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage: the Bay Islands are surrounded by the world’s second largest coral reef; Copan is considered the Athens of the ancient Mayan civilization; and there are beaches of singular beauty, exuberant scenery, colonial towns and living cultures throughout the country.

A vacation in Honduras can conjure up visions of spectacular destinations: captivating ancient ruins, cloud forest after cloud forest filled with exotic flora and fauna, the gorgeous beaches and the dolphin-filled waters off the island of Roatán.

Honduras and its growing eco-tourism sector have easily accessible, gorgeous national parks; cloud forests; national reserves; and botanical gardens – all with remarkable scenery. Very unlike North America, yet ever so close. But for those desiring a visit to nature at its purest, Honduras is a good choice.


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